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December 2, 2010

'      Have you ever been to a concert?

Well, as the title says, here are some things you must know if you're planning to go to one!

I hope you find this post useful and take advantage of it! 

Remember: it doesn't matter the kind of music you like it. These tips refer to any kind of concert!

So, let's do it!

1- Wear comfortable clothes! Yes, this is the first tip! A lot of people like to wear nice clothes and, well... there ain't nothing wrong about this, but don't forget it: don't wear too many clothes or you're going to be hot, believe me! 

Concerts are crowded! You barely can move your arm without bumping into somebody. And, because it's crowded, the environment will get hotter and hotter so if you wear heavy clothes, you'll probably sweat lot, feel hot and uncomfortable and, in most cases, feel sick and end up being removed!

If you're rocker and like wearing black clothes, that's okay too. But remember, try to wear a thin T-shirt! 

You can take a jacket or something like it if you're cold when leaving your house, but when you arrive to the concert just tie it around you waist. 

2- Arrive early at the venue! The sooner you arrive, the better! Otherwise, you're going to face a large line! And I'm not talking about thirty or fifty people in front of you... I'm talking about 3.000 or more! Not, I'm not exaggerating, I know it because it happened to me already! And don't forget it: if you arrive late you may be distant of the stage. Then, if you wanna a great sight of the band, arrive early! 

3- Be careful with your belongings! I do not recommend bringing a lot of things to a concert. I don't even advise you bring your purse, backpack or wallet! It's very risky. So, try to bring as little as possible, just the necessary as: your ID, a cellphone, some money and, of course, the tickets! That's why I like wearing pants with several pockets, it's very helpful!

4- Don't drink too much and go to the toilet before the concert starts! Some people like drinking a lot of beer or soda, but don't do it! It's okay to drink something if you're thirsthy but don't overdo it! If you do, you'll have to go to the toilet every thirty minutes and I bet you don't want this because you may miss the best part! Oh, I almost forgot: if you drink too many alcoholic drinks you'll get drunk, get into a fight and that's not good! 

Well, here are the tips I've promised! They are very simple, right? So you won't have difficulties in following them.


That's all, guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Till the next post! ;3





December 1, 2010

As that fabulous AC/DC song says: I'm back in black!

After a month without visint Ebaby, due to my entrance exams and stuff, I'm finally back! Now I have to catch up on my English studies and previous Ebaby lessons. But I'll get there!

Thank friends for being patience and not delete me! I didn't have time to answer your last messages, but I'll do it now! 


Well, Let´s go to the heart of the matter!

Yesterday, November 31st... I went to my first rock concert! MAAAAAAN, it was RLY AMAZING! I have no words to describe it! It was just... WOOOW! To stand up there, watching your favorite band performing the most incredible concert you've seen it in your life... it's PRICELESS!!!

Maybe you're wondering what band I'm talkin' about, well... it couldn't be other but RAMMSTEIN! The HOTTEST band in the WORLD, literally 'cause they always use pyrotechnic effects during the concert! It's their trademark!

The band is out of this world! Rly! They're amazing, such talented guys! Their music is powerful, intense!

I do advise you to take a look at Rammstein's videos on youtube. You won't be sorry, I bet!

So, well... I think I'm going to keep on talking about this next post, not about the band (maybe some comments) but about a first concert in one's life! Actually, I'm going to give some tips, so... if you're planning to go to a concert as well, you should read it!

Well, that's all 4 today, fellas! 

Going to bed now!


Good be back again! :)

03:32 PM Dec 02 2010


I totally agree! Rammstein is EPIC! \m/

08:46 AM Dec 02 2010

Marshall Islands

Rammstein owns its reputation to the simplicity of their songs.

October 31, 2010

Well, I think the title speaks for itself.

Tomorrow will be November 1st and I'm kinda nervous. Why?

Well, my college entrance examinations are taken in November, actually, every weekend in November. So it's going to me a hectic and stressful month. Besides, these exams are the most disputed in Brazil 'cause they belong to the most prestigious universities of the country. 

I think 9 of every 10 students are going to take these exams to get into those universities and, believe me, the exams are damn difficult!

At school, students are starting to freak out (so do I)! We have so much subjects to study, so many topics to review and there are some lessons we haven't taken yet... I'm desperate, I need to confess! I don't wanna think about what's going to happen if I fail.

I know this is not a matter of life and death... I can take them next year, no prob. But, man, I don't wanna fail. Nobody wants! If I get into university this year things are going work so well. My dad won't have to pay my school anymore. You know, he has been complaining about it and this discourage me. I wish my dad was more supportive, comprehensible. Man, I've been going through a rough time but it seems my dad don't understand it. Maybe he haven't noticed how much his support means to me, I mean, I'd be more relaxed. And when I mean "relaxed" I don't mean "Oh, I'd take it easy, I wouldn't study that much and blablabla", of course not! I just wouldn't be so anxious and I'd have the feeling that my dad would be there for me in the end. But I don't know if he will... and this hurts the most.

So, as you can see, I'm going to be "absent" for a month. Maybe I show up to take a look at some lessons, I don't wanna be outdated! But I won't have time to reply messages, so my apologies friends. Please, be patient. I'll come back soon! Don't forget me, please!

So, that's all 4 today!

I hope I can write again soon. See ya', guys!  Take care!