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United States

May 27, 2011

In America, especially California, we depend on our cars. I know some parts of Japan are car culture, but many cities I've been in, train and bikes rule. I like Kyoto because of this reason. For the most part, bikes rule. The trains are fairly pricey and it's a small city in regard to area, thus making じてんしゃ my means of transportation.

It's nice to rely on myself for getting around town. I feel more connected to the world around me when I ride my bike often. Trains and cars you can feel very detached from it all, being protected from many elements. There's no escaping these elements on a bike. Also, if you see someone you know, it's far easier to stop and say hello.

In a car you see the building rush past you. It's easy to not pay attention to the things that are important. On trains you have the option of a book, which is nice, but there's still something missing.

The exercise and connection to the world around is hard to beat.



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