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United States

June 24, 2010

I've been working like crazy lately - at least by my definition. In advertising, it's not uncommon to work 50-60 hour weeks, but so far my experience has been a lot more relaxed (a normal 40 hour week seems to be just fine). 

But the last few months, I've had some crazy hours. Part of me feels like I'm finally paying my dues - and that part of me is proud to know that when it's necessary, I can really focus and get the hard work done. 

But the other part of me is struggling to deal with the stress - which is causing a lot of collateral damage. I've been having trouble sleeping (regularly waking up at 3am freaked out about something) and I don't have much energy to do anything else when I come home from work.

And the funny thing is, I have little right to complain. Plenty of people at my job work a lot harder than that - and have done so for a long time. And I'm sure work schedules are very different where you live. How much time do you devote to your job?

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06:11 PM Sep 08 2010


Advertising is a wonderful job, though sometimes u will be exhausted by the hard work, but u can make it through. I like this career, it gives me more inspiration on creativity and writing

01:40 PM Jul 08 2010



hard work is good for life if you know that you will be good payed ;) but we need to beware of stress it brings. because it causes burnout . I work 8 hours a day. not more not less. sometimes i need to go to work at sunday or saturday and then I am mad. becauseeverybody need relax from work. But at least when the 10th of each moth comes I see it is worth ;)

07:54 PM Jul 06 2010



I always try to work 40 hours per week. I'm against long hours of work because it can decrease  a person's productivity  because of :  a rise on the porcentage of mistakes which also rises re-production,  the  decrease of the speed of work of a person and  the decrease of a  person's state of mind affecting the motivation and quality of work. 

By the way in Industrial Engineer :)

10:08 PM Jun 25 2010



i used to be in advertising and media industry, cant angry more with ur "And the funny thing is, I have little right to complain. Plenty of people at my job work a lot harder than that - and have done so for a long time. "

hah, thanks for all of ur hard work. we members really enjoy our study here~~thanks so much and take care!

09:32 PM Jun 24 2010



I have an indentical problems that struggling againest deprived-sleep

In the beginning,i ate some medications from my friend's advices

However,it could not contol it

finally,i had forced myself to relax me through tour

for example,i usually appreciate the sence of sea and beach

good luck !