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United States

March 14, 2011

It's tax time in the United States. For me, it is a particularly confusing year. First off, I got married. I also bought a house. These are two things that greatly affect the taxes I will have to pay. 

The cool thing is that I bought my home in time to take advantage of a big tax credit offered by the government. I will get some money back. But it is still very complicated. I use software to help simplify the process, but some people use special accountants to do the work for them.

I really have no idea what taxes are like in other countries. I know that Canada has a very high tax rate, but those taxes go to fund lots of free or cheap social services like health care or college. But what about where you live? What are taxes like there?

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10:42 PM Jun 16 2011



Chinese tax is the most complicated and even much more higher than some developed countries. Believe it or not, just check on google.