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United States

June 14, 2011

I live in Portland, and we have fantastic public transportation. But I still choose to drive to work most days. I defend my choice for the following reasons:

- It rains a lot in Portland

- The busses stop too often - and so take too long to get places

- I'm lazy

But driving definitely has its down side. Like yesterday. I have to cross a river to get to work, and there are many bridges in Portland. As I approached one of the bridges on my usual route, there was a lot of traffic.

So I thought to myself "No problem. I'll just go over the next bridge. Maybe it will have less traffic."

Well... it didn't The next bridge was just as busy as the first. So I thought, "Well, nice try. I guess I'll just wait to get over this bridge."

It took my almost 20 minutes to get to the start of the bridge - which is usually the total amount of time it takes me to get to work - and that's when there was a sign saying the bridge was closed! Can you believe it?!?

In the end, I had to go an entirely different route to get to work - and it took me 4 times as long as usual. As a result, I missed my first meeting of the day.

Not a good way to start off the week.

Is there traffic where you live?

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View all entries from Mason's World >

08:09 PM Jun 14 2011


lots of bridges! is it like here in montreal > is it an island city?