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Life Talk!

Do you have a dream in life




Do I have a dream…....

When I think of this question, I feel I have many dreams. I would like to success at work, have someone who can share with me in life and many more…....

So, guys…...what is your dream…..


06:55 AM Sep 30 2006 |

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Yes i have a lot dreams in life. Some of them are dreams for myself and dreams for my children.

For myself, I dream of becoming an owner of a big time establishment that earns billions. The reason for such a dream is for me to be able to give more help to poor people in our country.

My dreams for my children is for them to be successful in life – success in their marriage in the future, success in their chosen career and success in fulfilling their own dreams. 

04:13 AM Oct 13 2006 |




Yeah, I do have a dream. 

I want a world where everybody is happy with no fear of any kind.  That world will be free form conflicts, wars and…......violence.  People will be free to do what ever they feel like without interefering in anybody's freedom like in a true democracy.

People may argue that this is not possible.  I don't care.  I want to work for that world.  Hope you too…..........

04:35 AM Oct 13 2006 |




I have many dreams, Both long terms and short terms. some of the short terms I have accomplish. when you believe in your dream it makes you to get up every day and work on it. To me a person without a dream has lost the passion of life. The person is always frustrated an sad. so, have the right dream, work towards the actualisation of it and it will definitly come to pass.

05:32 PM Oct 13 2006 |




Many thanks for all friends here who has shared her/his own dreams. Hope our dreams comes true soon.

For Carol, dont be pessimist. You must believe that someday your dreams will come true and make you have direction in life.

cheers and trust yourself

02:16 AM Oct 14 2006 |




yeah, i do have dreams ,many dreams,but most of which are just imagination. and now , i don't know what should i do  

03:08 AM Oct 14 2006 |


Viet Nam

Dear Carol!

Please don't cry. Your profile shows that you are very young and I guess you should have many dreams in life. Please take your efforts to reach anything you are dreaming of. But I think having too much ambitions makes man sad. I already have many dreams which were not come true. Sometimes it make me feel quite sad but thinking in another ways I found that it's good for me if I simplify my dreams and my life. Just create my own life and enjoy it. Laughing

03:28 AM Oct 14 2006 |




The same to me as everybody have said here.I also had a lot of dreams before, but now,i think it may be only before.Dreams are beautiful,but reality is cruel.Some guys may guess me the one who is pessimistic to life and i have no courage to deny it.When i am youthful i am also a optimistic guy.Unfortunatelly,when i graduated from university and got a job in a corporation i gradually thought that life is  not nice as we had dreamed.

Life is go on and we should keep moving orderly.Be well,take care.

04:13 PM Oct 16 2006 |




I just graduate from college. And now I have to work and learn to be independent. When I was still in college almost four months ago, I am sure about my future, my dream. Now, every week from Mon to Fri, I just go to work at 9:00 am and go home at 6:00. But it seems to be a long journry. Every day, I will have to stay in the subway for almost 3 hours.

What's more, I suddenly lost my dream. I just feel confused. The work may be the whole life. I like travelling though I haven't been many places. If I want to go hiking or other things, I am afraid I will have to hand in one's resignation.

I am not sure. I am just a green-hand. Maybe everyone will have to experience the process—from shool to society.

Best wishes


11:25 PM Oct 16 2006 |



I have a lot dreams,I wish my families and my friends are healthy and happy,aso,I wish I have many money,When I have a lot money,I can travel around the world with my families.I will know the different countries life and culture.At that time,I can write down the all of I can look and think,also,include I listen.

05:46 AM Oct 17 2006 |



My dream is ….....

have a bar after 5 or 6 years..


03:45 PM Oct 17 2006 |