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Life Talk!

What is life?




Some people wonder about existance. Why do we come to the world? Why are we here? What is our purpose? I say that life is just a good time to enjoy. Live every minute as if it were the last one. We don't know what comes next and how long we are going to stay here. Share the best of you with those around you.

This could be heaven for us…

03:12 PM Jan 15 2007 |

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In my mind life it is something which you understand when you will be in hard moment because I Had hard moment in my life and on that time I undestand what is life 

08:07 AM Jan 16 2007 |


Viet Nam

I think Life is  a mystery of something for us to discover…

02:20 PM Jan 16 2007 |



Life is our waiting for meeting with God.

02:31 AM Jan 18 2007 |



In my mind life is huge examination! and if you fail in an examinations,you are …............. Surprised

08:35 AM Jan 18 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

I think we don't need to define what life is . Just live your life ,enjoy it, do good, leave a legacy and move to the other lasting life to recieve your reward.

01:16 PM Jan 18 2007 |




You know exactly what I mean with my message. Thaks for your message.

04:35 PM Jan 18 2007 |



to live means "existance" and to exist means to fulfil your dreams and do your task as it should be done.In other words life for me is a great opportunity given to all creatures to co-exist , to learn, to interact positive way.So we should benfit from life because it seems to be too short.

11:59 PM Jan 18 2007 |



Tanzania, United Republic Of

It is very enchanting question. Well, there are alot of people who have alot of questions about life, existence and there are some people who go very deep in understanding life. I don't think there's any particular answer for this question. As we can see in this blog every person has a different view and opinion about life so the answers vary. As per my point of view on life is a beautiful gift from God. Our daily life surroundig with wonderful nature which God has created for us to enjoy. Therefore,we should enjoy every single minute and ask him to give us a beautiful life. I also think that our thoughts make our life….Therefore, I think it is very important to have a positive attitude about life. This is the most essential tool to make life go forward.

10:16 AM Jan 20 2007 |



Czech Republic

I think that life is only the biggest irony. Why we are there? Can we answer on it? No, we can't because the Life is one big mystery. 

10:18 AM Jan 20 2007 |



Russian Federation

There are words from russian song: "Life is a moment between past and future…"
I think that this phrase is true!  :)

02:07 PM Jan 20 2007 |