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Life Talk!

What is life?




Some people wonder about existance. Why do we come to the world? Why are we here? What is our purpose? I say that life is just a good time to enjoy. Live every minute as if it were the last one. We don't know what comes next and how long we are going to stay here. Share the best of you with those around you.

This could be heaven for us…

03:12 PM Jan 15 2007 |

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About this question, I like the point of view of the book The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

04:45 AM Jan 21 2007 |



Life is a kind of miracle in the cosmos. Thinking is another miracle. Is life depending of thinking? Do life needs mind to be? Do animals have mind? Plants? Bacterias? Mushrooms? Nobody (on Earth) knows wether there's some kind of life elsewhere, out of our planet. By the way, what life is it for medusas, fishes in the abysses, or animals living in the dust ? Moving planets and exploding stars : are they living ? Are movements of galaxies an evidence of life somewhere, even ages ago? 

Do horses think of God? Do snakes  pray for a better living in the desert? What about the billions of bacteria living in our blood, skin , or bowels ? A cancer cell is living. It goes on living by its metastases. Right ? An AIDS infected cell wants to live. With or without the AIDS virus ? What's the definition of life for thoses tiny bits of molecules? Is life depending of our molecular structure? 

We, human species, think that we are the only thinking animals. Who can prove it?  Where's the evidence? Is suffering, living? Is thinking, living?  Is enjoying, living? Is paying golf green-fees and parkings lots a way of living? 

For us, human beings, living means living happily, (at least paying the less income tax possible), enjoying our good health, sharing good moments with pals, loving our parents, children, etc…  But isn't a kind of narrow way of thinking? Is there another way of living? When we join God anywhere up (or down) here, will we be TRULY living? Is living the now moment the only life which counts ? Is living on hope, really living? 

In short…..  I wonder !

09:17 AM Jan 21 2007 |




I think life is studying for  entering the university exam especially if you live in Turkey

02:26 PM Feb 08 2007 |




life appears when a girl realize that her mr right comes riding a bicycal rather than a car  ,her mr right is a ordinary  boy rather than a handsome gettleman.fiction breaks,life comes.

02:58 PM Feb 08 2007 |




life appears when a girl realize that her mr right comes riding a bicycle rather than a car,her mr right is a ordinary boy rather than a handsome gentleman.fiction breaks,life comes.

03:03 PM Feb 08 2007 |





03:04 PM Feb 08 2007 |




only a life lived for others is life worthwhile

07:40 PM Mar 22 2007 |



It's  very important question, well, I think that life is once  opportunity to smile, to feel, to grow,  may be  many people  have a particular  opinion about  this, but as per my point of view on life , i think everebody can  to life happy, don't need more, therefore , yet you have  the answer to  that  question .

05:47 PM Apr 22 2007 |




  Life is a community ministry. And attempt to save ourselves from eternal death.

09:41 AM Sep 27 2007 |



For me life is like a canvas…paint it as you like…...

& you would be able to see it's beauty as much as you pour youeself into it…..your potetialty will give meaning to it.

06:43 PM Oct 19 2007 |