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Life Talk!

What is life?




Some people wonder about existance. Why do we come to the world? Why are we here? What is our purpose? I say that life is just a good time to enjoy. Live every minute as if it were the last one. We don't know what comes next and how long we are going to stay here. Share the best of you with those around you.

This could be heaven for us…

03:12 PM Jan 15 2007 |

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life is just life …our ego want to paint it in it's own colour…...when it looks suceeding …one feels wonderful & happy…...when one feels failing….one feels drowning…....life is just life…..enjoy it…or weep upon it…as you like

02:55 AM Oct 20 2007 |




It is not a thing, is a process. There is no another way of knowing what is the life more that living, being alive, flowing, passing with her. If you look for the meaning of the life in some dogma, in a certain philosophy, in a theology, it gives sure that you will get lost what is the life and his meaning. The life is not waiting for you anywhere; it is happening to you.  is not in the future as a goal that you have to reach, is here and now, in the same moment, in your to breathe, in the traffic of your blood, in the latir of your heart. Any thing that you are, is your life and if you put to look for meanings in another part, you will get lost. The man has been doing this for centuries

03:28 AM Oct 20 2007 |




LIFE is very beautiful in my mind!I enjoy it everyday!

03:52 AM Oct 20 2007 |



It's travel. meet and leave. Tired but enjoyable.

01:17 PM Oct 20 2007 |



Dear Cladi ,what you you are sayimg perfectly right…I do have the simler feelings…your expression is impressive & clear…...this I may learn from all friends like you…..

05:04 PM Oct 20 2007 |



I thinks the life is a wonder moment   that which one every one can to share with another one,,,    may be a lot people have a big question about it but really I think …. just doing all  of the necessary for take right way…what ever you have for right way… and enjoy it….

09:57 PM Oct 20 2007 |



Life is every word that comes from God.

10:29 PM Oct 20 2007 |



life can't be defined…it is a process which starts with our birth.& goes on passing through different phases..cotineously…because life is continuty..it does'nt have commas ..when it stops it stops….we are changing by every breath,but we don't accept it's movmentry vesion hence we want to stop somewhere & looks upon it as it is something dead & try to define it…...

02:40 AM Oct 21 2007 |




lots of us always are used to miss the past ,  though the happy hour are  deserved to remember, more important matter is that we should face the life realisticly and spend your time on thinking about how to improve myself in order for  challenge in future.

09:18 AM Nov 16 2007 |



life is living around with people and in this life you can meet people some of them are bad and some of them are soo good you can find the one that you love and and and that's the life i think

10:50 PM Nov 17 2007 |