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Life Talk!

Life Talk Turning To Islam Talk




I've nothing against Islam! I love muslim folks and They are friendly people!

Alright, but Isnt enough of Islam stuff?

I mean, just in one page today i've seen 13 threads with islam on it!

I think we should talk about religion in life talk of course, BUT isnt  exaggerating talking so much about it?

I mean, not all people here loves islam or wants to talk about it! 

Or simply they are getting annoyed of it! 

I know you guys just want to spread the word and show the world how islam is, but in my opinion instead of spread you're just making people annoyed and getting fed up with!

I'm not just talking about myself, but many other people!

Besides 50% of them are repeated!

I'd like to know your opinion if you agree with me

06:40 PM Jul 01 2009 |

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Le beau prince

Saudi Arabia

But they don't swear other religions. they just praise their religion. look how many members swear Islam, is that nice? you can praise but you can't swear


07:15 PM Jul 01 2009 |



Le beau prince well, what about those who say something against islam without swearing? they are also not answered correctly! anyways, i meant here the overdose of islamic threads


Hakimi  Exactly!I'd rather see few threads about islam and they were good, than more than 50% of them, and all of them are no sence!

08:06 PM Jul 01 2009 |





Dont forget that you use this way before to be famous Cool

Islam or christain, or Jewish

People Must think to be good, If their are someone not believe in god, he will enjoy with his life, kill , stole , women , lie and more, Cos he think No other life

08:12 PM Jul 01 2009 |



L.Pharaoh  I dont want to be famous! In fact, I'm about to delete this account! I'm annoyed to be here! Maybe i wont delete, but i'm not using it as before!

This thread is about the islam maniacs or if we could at least un-necessary threads about islam!

I think we all agree with this! 

No one is telling that is a way to i be famouse or something!

I'm not famouse, and I'll never be!

Also it is nothing to do with not having religion!

I meant about TOO MUCH THREADS about islam!

I've not see so many about christians or jewish!


08:25 PM Jul 01 2009 |




Freedom mean free to show what you like ;)

They Show that Cos they like to Share, if No one comment there, They will Stop

They do forum cos they see this interesting and other do cos that too

Dont comment their , if you like

you not see jewish there, may be cos jewish Not like to talk in religion, No one show to us, how jewish praying but there are some christain here, Proud cos that

and they like to know and read

I Saw alot, Dont Say no , cos you not saw

08:52 PM Jul 01 2009 |



Prince of love  - really? I've not noticed or maybe i forgot! lol

yea you're right! like here it annoys, they shouldnt

L.pharaoh -  As I've seen there are jews not liking it, for example fabs! he's great, I support almost in everything he says! 

also there are some christians that support that, but most of them are from islamic countries, so they support because they love muslims, they live everyday with them! anyways! if you guys love so much islam and as ebaby is getting ISLAMIC, we should open a new forum typ, for Islamic talk!

08:58 PM Jul 01 2009 |



Well I think my opinion is accepted by everyone!

Except some!

I think you also agree! i didnt say that they should not post NO MORE threads about islam!I just think they have too many! they should post few, but good!


09:05 PM Jul 01 2009 |




Religion is part from life

Can you forget god in your time?!!!!

09:06 PM Jul 01 2009 |




I do agree with Ricky

12:31 AM Jul 02 2009 |




Let's made 5372939437 posts about cristhianism

12:34 AM Jul 02 2009 |