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Life Talk!

where is the freedom here?

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


When the Danish drew the prophet (PBUH) .. They said personal freedom



When the Christian nuns wore a headscarf (hijab) .. They said personal freedom




When they change one's religion: personal freedom

In all things …

Personal freedom




But ..


When the Muslim girl wore a headscarf


Prevented her from studying in the university and school!!!


Where is freedom of Muslim here???

Please answer me

05:34 PM Jun 12 2010 |

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United Kingdom



so, the limit of someone's freedom in other people freedom.

So, you're not free do that you want, if that break my freedom.


So explain exactly how  cartoons in a country thousands of miles away 'break your freedom'?


05:46 PM Jun 17 2010 |




Check the history of our nation, and you will understand that it's all a metter of time

Past ? Indians ruled whole of South east Asia in the past. Greek ruled half of Europe in the past , Romans Ruled ruled entire Europe in the past, so did the Portugeses, Spaniards, French English, Turks/Arabs. etc etc

If it is a  "matter of time" for Muslims, it can be a matter of time for other as well… Time is not static like your thoughts.. It is dynamic. kingdoms have reached greatness and then fallen. same fate awaits every thing. 


Allah is every thing for me, he is my lord and my love

What ever… God is not silly enough to join two Human beings Debate or rather bicker.  or favour you just because you belong to XYZ religion.

we will free up Palestine, as we did before against Crusaders, it's a metter of time and conditions, don't worry about us.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

But your present thought is filled with only Invading others and ruling people…. 

Franckly speaking, you want to live in a world to worship your desires. 

yeh!!and what is yours ? Worship to get your desires ?  desire to go to heaven!!


05:58 PM Jun 17 2010 |



United Kingdom

I love reading this garbage, especially with the zeal that some users add to it.

You can't free 'Palestine', because it isn't a country. 


Check the history of our nation, and you will understand that it's all a metter of time

A history of invasion, violence which only goes back to the 7th century. 

Other nations go back much further and actually have achievements nowadays.

The Islamic world has none and fell into decline in the 16th century onwards.


It's legacy? Impoverished, colonized nations and international Islamic terrorism. Wow, amazing.

05:59 PM Jun 17 2010 |




Religion has certain ideas at the heart of it which we call sacred or holy or whatever. What it means is “Here is an idea or notion that you are not allowed to say anything bad about; you’re just not. Why not? — because you’re not.” If somebody votes for a party you don’t agree with, you’re free to argue about it as much as you like; everybody will have an argument, but nobody feels agrieved by it. If somebody thinks taxes should go up or or down, you are free to have an argument about it. But on the other hand, if somebody says “I mustn’t move a light switch on Saturday” you say, “I respect that.” Why should it be that it’s perfectly legitimate to support the Labour party or the Conservative party, Republicans or Democrats, this model of economics versus that, Macintosh instead of Windows — but to have an opinion about how the Universe began, about who created the Universe… no, that’s holy?… We are used to not challenging religious ideas but it’s very interesting how much a furor Richard [Dawkins] creates when he does it! Everybody gets absolutely frantic about it because you are not allowed to say these things. Yet when you look at it rationally there is not reason why those ideas shouldn’t be as open to debate as any other, except that we have agreed somehow between us that they shouldn’t be.
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06:04 PM Jun 17 2010 |




Make better choices and change yourself and "Break the mirror of ugly face"!

Muhammad ( PBUH ) was the prophet of mercy he never screamed like we are screaming now! When he was at Taif, he even forgiven the people who stoned him, but he rather prayed " O' Allah forgive them and change their heart to Islam"!

He was the prophet of humanity and we Muslim thinks he is the prophet only to Muslims. Big delusion! 

Every living creature belongs to G-d and nobody has the right to harm others.

Jihad start from one self in greater sense and Jihad is rather a defense policy of that country! And no militant group or individual has the right to go for jihad.

03:53 PM Jun 19 2010 |




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what did the Greek left behind them when they disappeared !! go in the lands that they occpied, they didn't leave their culture or a religion.

They did leave their mark, It is about they shaped future of the land they occupied, and what happened to it later. The Greeks were followed by Romans, and Roman influence is quite pronounced. Most countries in Europe has Majority Catholics is because of the Roman influence. After Roman empire disappeared,(control being gone) Their culture might have changed , but not their religion.(In most cases)

Go where Muslims were, you can find Muslims and a culture and a nation.

If Romans hadn't converted and they stayed on till 20th Century, Story of Islam and Romans would not have been too different.

where are Greeks now!!! what are their aims and goals !!!

Greek expansion was purely a religious one. And not “religious” one plus Greek civilization is not part of middle age


Occupiers leave, nations get weak and strong, our nation is in the weak period, as soon it become strong, as soon it get together again.

the difference as I said before is the relgion which puch us and makes us work to reach our goals.

If Islam was used correctly then things would have been much different. People would have been happier and stronger community bonding.. But it is not.. It is used for negative stuff like expansion and Political gains. Expansion, is always associated with boom period (just like US invasion of Iraq. ) . Muslims get easily manipulated by religion. Personal war can be turned to a religious one easily. I personally know incidents where fights between 2 people ended up with a religious riot.


Allah is with the rights of people and with people ho follow his laws and rules and prophets, only Islam can gether all of these.

Like a an evil and selfish emperor ? Follow my laws and my ministers or I will give you death ? What a wonderful and Narrow minded definition of god.

If  X people don't believe in God, and make justice in their lives with all people, sure Allah won't punish them in this life, but they will loose in the nest life because of not believing his laws and prophets.

Wow nice…. talk about materialism!!

As soon Muslims apply Islamic rules in their lifes as soon they come back to rule their lands.

Or can go to a land which has one…. especially when a whole country(Pakistan) was formed for this reason

Muslims have one future and one distiny and goals, which others don't, and that .

makes difference between our nation and others.

You think others don't have destiny and Goal ? Hinduism believes in betterment of Human mind, which leads to betterment of society. It doesn;t say how to pray, how to dress or any materialistic stuff . It concentrates on the spiritual aspect(non materialistic) of life. But f “materialistic” aspects are guided by 10 “laws of action”, which help , which ensures spiritual well being. No heaven no hell, you are the owner of your destiny, and not a stick wielding “God” .

It doesn't preach Invasions, or ruling other people's land.

We're just looking to rule our lands and people, not other nations3

You are just paying for the problems left behind by your ancestors … ie Invasion. They thought that the real people of that land would never retaliate . They were driven by materialistic goals of land, and wealth and to compensate that they used “Islam”.

about future, it's not a dream, but it's a goel, which is required from Muslims.

Then quite calling it “religion of peace”

If you say Islam, you say Muslims must follow their rules, when you say rules, you say union, when you have union, you mean gether and control our lands under Islamic rules.

Maybe the conditions today are not ready to Make our Khilafa, but it will be tomorrow.

We're not sure about that, we believe in that, and when we believe, that mean this thing won't change.

Get it ???.

Dreaming about Goal is different, think about the practicality of the whole stuff,,,


We worship Allah because he created us and blessed us, and we were created for that, and to be tested, Allah sent Adam to earth to live and test his decendents who believe in his messengers and follow his laws.

Again a materialistic view on god. It is driven by selfish ness… it is driven by “because he created” . Does god expect you to worship him/her/it ? Why ? What does he/she/it gain

there are many kind of desires, some are allowed uner rules and some are not.

we don't live for money or peopl or satisfy our diseres as others do, but we have a message in this life and a test, to win the next life, which is forever (this life is not forever, it's short).

You live for desire to “rule Islamic land” and invade countries to spread religion .

Talking about Test, what happens when you fail an exam (Academic)? Repeat it or are you punished(for ever) for it and told not to ever study again ?


Get it Mr Hindu

All my comments represent my thought… I don;t answer as a Hindu, though Hinduism and Other Indian religions influence my thoughts …..............Call me Java or JavaMan….

Just by answering you I am going against an important pillar of Hinduism , ego and Pride. A person who doesn't have ego/Pride, doesn't fight/argue . Religion and the concept of god(Infinitesimally large), is much bigger and greater than myself(Infinitesimally small)

01:34 PM Jun 20 2010 |




 Ask the motherfuckers turks about the freedom and the dogs arabs they are the roots of evil.We have to kill them.

I hate all Turkish people in this world. They are so ignorant and stupid. Many people in the middle east have suffered because of them. They have killed so many Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, etc. I think that all Turks should be shot to death so that none of them will be left in this world. I will say it agian, I hate all turks they can go to burn in hell. Fuck those assholes.

01:42 PM Jun 20 2010 |




Mr. Arab Hamid,

I read your all comments against Indians, like Indian worship cows etc. Tell me frankly, before Islam what you and your Arabs peoples worship. Will you tell me or shall I unveil? If you think that you are purified or any of you who think that, tell me " How many types of Aayat in Quran?"

You stupid even you write any digits this is invented by India ( Thats called Hindsa) if you dont know go to your father and asked, not only this zero also invented by India.


05:05 AM Jun 21 2010 |



United Kingdom

before Islam what you and your Arabs peoples worship. Will you tell me or shall I unveil?


They were stupids just you Indians now (sorry Arab brothers) but Arabs after revealing Islam, they became the best nation and then they have started establishing a great civilization which effected others and then they saved alot of Indians from the pullshits which you and others idiots indians are doing now of worshipping cows after they ruled India for about 700 years, they didn't enslave your grandfathers as the British did and the results of now that you just evaluate yourself as a slave or sevant for the british people.


You stupid even you write any digits this is invented by India ( Thats called Hindsa) if you dont know go to your father and asked, not only this zero also invented by India.

what the shit you talking about?? Who made this lie to you?Do you think that you have a civilization ?? Go back to history and read it well to know well who you are and what's your history is?? All what you gave to the world is the idelogy of cows. And read well about whom invented zero, they were the Arabs. You are only a slave as your history tells and you will remain because it's your shit culture.

05:51 AM Jun 21 2010 |



United Kingdom

they didn't enslave your grandfathers as the British did and the results of now that you just evaluate yourself as a slave or sevant for the british people.


Sorry, but wasn't most the Muslim world similarly colonized? How can you take that as proof that Islam is right?

06:02 PM Jun 21 2010 |