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Life Talk!

same sex relationship




do you agree or not?

03:46 AM Jul 07 2007 |

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this is can not be human … sorry but i got to be frank with u here , in my opinion its not something we can call it natural or typical cuz simply its not , and whats the point  I mean come on these kind of relation ships has a dead end , all ppl in live no mater what r they or who r they would go in relation ships with having no point or an end for it , ppl or human nature ask for devolepment and to progress in thier relationships , so if u love agirl u and her for example tend to get maried and have children to continue ur journy if I CAN SAY


finally, this is only my point of view u can take it or leave it …..

03:54 AM Jul 12 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


I really don't understand and believe why people of same sex can love each other.


09:43 AM Jul 12 2007 |




The point of any relationship is that person A bring her understanding of life, her sensitivity, her way of seing seings to person B, and vice versa, so that the two learn something, become better human beings through this encounter. Reproduction… Reproduction is the base animal fact. We're talking about love here. And let me tell you something, dogs happen to have same sex relationship, I saw it with my own eyes. Therefore it is natural. It's only Judeo-christian to say otherwise. I'm not saying I would go for it, I'm not attracted to girls in any way, but I'm not saying I couldn't have a crush on a girl, either. It's all a matter of sensitivity. Women utterly disappointed in men will find the kindness, tenderness, understanding they've been lacking and looking for in another woman, that seems very logical.

You need everything to make the world go round, friends. You need assholes and you need geniuses. You need politicians and hermits. As long as those people are not agressing you, or trying to force you to follow their lead, well live your life, open your heart, and let them be.

01:27 PM Jul 12 2007 |



United Kingdom

i can not accept the same sex relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06:01 AM Aug 03 2007 |



yunie75, i like your thoughs about homosexuel. you're an open-minded guy!

05:41 AM Aug 10 2007 |




i think it is not a simple question.

it is just up to you ,and nothing wtih others,you choose you will stand it.

in my opinion ,it is not good,and it is have a lot of problems.

and it is not acceptable in china

06:49 AM Aug 10 2007 |



i gree with u

07:26 AM Aug 10 2007 |

Echo Wang

Echo Wang


Yes, i think, There is a long time for most of Chinaese to acceptable this. And i dont agree , but i dont think it is stange if some one choose the same sex relationship. We must let them choose what they like. 

07:41 AM Aug 10 2007 |



I think everybody have the right ot choose their own life style

11:59 AM Aug 11 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


In there discussions, I am always reminded of a line from Shakespeare : 'Methinks he doth protest too much'.

An American lawmaker who was vehemently anti-gay was recently 'outed' by his own actions in an airport washroom. 

In Toronto, we have a huge Gay Pride parade every year. Toronto is not perfect but we do accept people from everywhere in the world, from every sexual orientation in the world and from every religion in the world. Over time, I would hope that people who are 'different', whether that means different in who they love, different in what they love and different in whatever god they follow, can feel comfortable in every city and country in the world.

Intolerance has no place in my world. I find it interesting that one holy city in the world allows everyone to visit it, while another holy city allows only people who follow one particular religion to visit it. Intolerance is thriving in some places, obviously. 

01:46 PM Oct 01 2007 |