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Stop Killling Muslims in Burma




 Hi you know more Mondial Media don’t cover the BURMA ’s events , the soldieres and people killing the Muslims without rights there , where are the world ? where are the Media ? where are the Human right ?? where the country taht say we are against the Terrorism?? and where and where ?

what’s your opinon you ???? 

06:19 PM Aug 04 2012 |

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United States

Do you have the ability to hear what your president says when he’s abroad? He’s a scary guy. Or totally insane. Or both.

05:16 PM Sep 25 2012 |





“All options are on the table against iran even war, do you not hear.”

of course with crazy president of yours ….any thing is possible!

07:19 AM Sep 27 2012 |



United Kingdom

Yes, indeed. 

Before, his speech, Israel, Canada and the USA walked out.

Ahmadinejad scares and offends people with what he says. Worst of all, I think he actually means it.

07:48 AM Sep 27 2012 |




A list of the charges against the United States of committing war crimes:

[Edit] crimes in the Philippine-American War

Conducted the investigation of the congressional commission investigating the war crimes military in the Philippines. Which killed nearly 1 million and 500 thousand civilians.

[Edit] World War II.

Air strikes on cities

Use the Allies and the Axis powers air strikes on cities and civilians way to victory in the war. Leaving about 2.5 million dead civilians were killed under U.S. air strikes and British.

For example, the bombing of the city of Dresden, which left 25 people dead and Berlin that left 800 people dead in Germany.

Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Where the two cities were bombed two bombs nuclear powers to force the Axis powers to surrender.

The killing of prisoners of war, as happened in the massacre Kanekata Italy by Colonel Joseph McCaffrey.

Dacawi massacre in Germany.

Biscari massacre in Italy.

Process “teardrop” where he was killed 8 German sailors after their arrest and they had survived the sinking of the German ship.

Odoval massacre – not – Hubert, France, where he was killed 80 German soldiers captive.

Coast Omaha massacre in France where he was killed 64 German prisoners.

There are many war crimes in the killing of prisoners took place in Germany and Japan has not been verified by the researchers have confirmed such a book “Day of Battle” Rick Atkinson, and the book “Battle Di Nromanda – Dai” Anthony Beaver,

Of James and Anjartner attributed few severe Prisoners of the Japanese war in the United States in World War II to two main factors: 1) resistance Japanese severe to surrender ‘2) convinced U.S. has spread soldiers that the Japanese words for “animals” or “non-humans” including not giving them the right treatment laws to protect prisoners of war. Of Virgiusn Group II affirmed that “the Allied forces had been looking to the Japanese as the Nazis regarded opponents especially the Russians that they” Untermenschen “any” non-humans ”. [1] [2]


There was a claim that U.S. troops raped women after the Battle of Okinawa, Japan in 1945. There are 1336 cases of rape were reported in the first ten days of the occupation Kanagawa Prefecture after the surrender of the Japanese.

[Edit] Korean War

Where the ground unit and a U.S. military aircraft to kill between 300 to 400 civilians in the days between 26 to 29 July 1950. Mostly women, children and elderly in village Nojn – ri, South Korea. Is not recognized most of the dead and missing to this day.

[Edit] Vietnam War

Total number of war crimes Pentagon’s documented 360 incident. Not including the massacre of May – Lay, which claimed the lives of 347-504 civilians in South Vietnam, mostly women and children, on March 16, 1968. Among U.S. war crimes in Vietnam use chemical spraying to destroy and burn and destroy humans, fields and villages, such as spray orange, blue and green.

Examples you Ranch – Hand which occurred in 1962 and continued impact until 1971. Vietnam had claimed in 1995 that the death toll in the war reached 5 million, 4 million of them unarmed civilians. While he was defense minister when McNamara said in a televised interview later that the death toll of 3 million 400 thousand.

[Edit] bombing of Yugoslavia

Amnesty International condemned the air strikes carried out by NATO forces supporting the U.S. in 1999, where behind the bombing at least 400 civilians and at most 5,000 civilians dead. While Organization said Human Rights Watch that the incident was not a war crime, but merely a violation of international humanitarian laws.

[Edit] the “war on terror” – ongoing

Where she appeared several war crimes by U.S. forces against civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, in pictures aerial bombardment against unarmed civilians, rape women and men or kill prisoners of war or torture and the violation of their humanity or genocide or use of internationally prohibited weapons. Where the organization Human Rights Watch claim

In 2005 that “command responsibility” could make senior officials with the Bush administration guilty of war crimes, whether knowingly or persons under their responsibility. Is not yet a high-level investigation into crimes committed by U.S. troops in the so-called “war on terror” the beginning of 2001 to today.

As estimated in some quarters that the dead Iraq, for example, reached 2 million civilians since the start of the war in 2003.

01:35 PM Sep 29 2012 |



United States

Really Ichem, what’s your point here? That history isn’t important in Morrocan schools? I thought American schools were awful. Your “history”  is so unique it shows a failing to even try to find out what happened in any of those events. Email one point at a time and we’ll talk if you’d like. This is sad.

It occurs to me that whatever I say you won’t believe. You could find contemporary sources online for those things you say which did happen. You mention I think either the Spanish American War of 1898 or the Philipine Insurrection of 1899-1905. I have mentioned Smedly Butler’s book. Did you read it? I ask because you talk as if he didn’t write that book. There is plenty of source material available reliably online that to be just so far off begins to look intentional.

And surely this is not the place to discuss American history?



02:39 PM Sep 29 2012 |




I just want to mention the crimes committed by America against innocent people around the world

Since the discovery of America is committed crimes, the question here is why Muslims always are the terrorists, who is the real terrorist.Who defends his home or attacking the owners of the house ???? 


11:15 PM Sep 30 2012 |




PARS BOY:It is the duty of all world people and Muslims to defend Egyptian people ,i dont understand this point?what occasion

about usa freedom they lie ,they only accept the freedom of gays lol

02:57 PM Oct 01 2012 |





that is usa freedom >>>.u are free to insult muslims but muslims arent free to refuse their insult lol>>what arascism

02:59 PM Oct 01 2012 |





watch this video

03:00 PM Oct 01 2012 |



United States

I answered this but then deleted my answer because it doesn’t seem to matter. fine. I’ll repost what I can remember.

Ichem, what you think are charges are actually a collection of propaganda, half truths, mistated truths and lies. Some were true, like the My Lai massacre, but so what? Ichem leaves off the end of the story so it sounds like nothing happened to those responsible. Those responsible were tried, convicted and punished. All involved, except obviously those Americans who turned their guns on those commiting these actions, were disgraced. A disgrace that continues for those who killed innocents from that day unto this day. But you forget that not only were those involved not representative of the actions of all US service personnel in Viet Nam, they weren’t even representative of the actions of all US personnel present. Ichem please stop. At least until you have something better than the “there was no Holocaust” foolishness that comes out of Iran. Most of your “charges” are cheap mistated propanganda and you should know better. Considering what we do to our own who break our laws, please tell me which ‘Islamic’ terrorist has faced Sharia law for HIS crimes? Any? None? Let the Vietnamese complain about My Lai ok? They were there. It was before you were born. Stick to what you know.

I am not surprised that a Morrocan education is no better than an American one. I am surprised Ichem won’t be bothered to find truth when all of these events are so well documented, even the false ones. Some of the rumors he repeats are decades old and have been established as propaganda long ago. I wish I’d left my original posts up, they were better. But you wouldn’t care what I said so it’s all good.

You continue to blame the actions of the USA. I’m going to cut to the chase and just not worry about it anymore. Here’s what YOU can explain…

1. yes or no, are those who slaughter innocents in the name of God among your faithful?

2. You call us the Great Satan but then justify the actions of those who claim to be Muslim based on our behavior, which you claim is Satanic in nature. Yet, when committed by others, you support those others. Ichem trots out a long list of “crimes”, but then uses them as a justification for similar crimes committed in the name of God. Do you see how that could be called hypocricy?

3. I’ve heard many Muslims here talk about the Islamic “protection” of Christians yet the IMAM who violated Gods command against false witness, protection of the innocent, and murder (for he was attempting to cause her death) still walks free. Do you think we would ever trust to the “mercy” of Islam with such a record of hypocricy? Yes, that is one person, the mob attack on whom displaced 600 more. Do you call that Islamic justice? Mercy? 600 innocents forced from thier homes because of an Imams lies? And all I hear from Muslims are justifications for his lies.

4. Iran makes threats against Isreal or the US almost every time a leader speaks. Are they liars or are we stupid? Pars Boy? Are they liars or are we stupid? Symbol of Peace? Not a chance. Your leaders words prevent any who hear them from believing that. That is my answer on the Iranian symbol of peace. It’s ‘peace as our protected subject and after we destroy Isreal’, not actual peace. Because….

You seem to think this is between Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Any who think that are dead wrong. This is between good and evil, between God and our Enemy. God said we sin when we slaughter innocents. Is that true for you or do your fellow Muslims lie about the Koran? It’s true in the Bible but remember, the USA is a secular country. You are not. There is no Palestine exception to Gods rule on the slaughter of innocents for those who support Palestine. There is no Palestine exception to Gods rule on the slaughter of innocents for those who support Isreal. There are no exceptions to Gods rules. Or do you disagree? Do you think you know better than God?

This is God v the Enemy. You better pick a side in that fight. It’s the one that matters. Right now you blame the US, whom you call the Great Satan, because those who claim to be Muslim defy God in the way they choose to fight, but then you also proclaim Islam as if these terrorists really do speak the way you feel about it. There is no righteous way to slaughter innocents. You better pick your side. If the slaughter of innocents is wrong, saying “well they do it too” will avail you nothing at Judgment. And no Imams sin will help you justify your actions. You alone are responsible for you. Justify the murders committed in the name of Islam or Palestine or whatever other excuse was more important than God’s command if you can, you alone will answer for your voice.

It’s wrong to slaughter innocents. That ain’t me talking, God has been clear on that in all three books. Ichem, you justify the slaughter of innocents based on the actions of those who don’t even pretend to follow God. What does that say to you about Islam? What does that say to you about your support for terrorists? Their threats? (wipe Isreal off the map indeed, who threatens there?)

Ichem your knowledge of the history of my country is sad. Let those you claim we offended complain. Pars Boy, you live in a strange bubble if you think Iran is the symbol of peace in the world. You started by attacking embassies for bad reasons and haven’t done better since. You are currently arming Syria. Do you know that? Peace indeed.

The president of Iran lies as often as his mouth is open. At least in his foriegn speechs. He’s no hero, just a politician. And a bad one. In 30 years he couldn’t lift sanctions. I hope your new one is a better person.

Well, you asked for my opinion…

03:41 PM Oct 01 2012 |