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Life Talk!

Man only make friend with beautiful lady ?



I am so sad, no one want to friend me after they know how I look like…and this is my 3rd encounter…

Man only want to make friend with beautiful lady ? 

04:43 AM Nov 23 2007 |

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wel..all i know is…. the guys friends iv met so far.. most of them want to get my picture first ..

i dont know what that really means for them.. appearance really means something?!

but one thing important is… when you have good looking … seems always a plus..

get more attractions.. more people want to talk to you. sounds nature!

everyone does that even women!

so.. i guess.. the answer is beautiful lady attract more men!   

01:02 PM Mar 25 2008 |




MAN ONLY MAKE FRIEND WITH BEAUTIFUL LADY? Oh..realy?if it’s true I think I wouldn’t have friend right now! No dear, not all man is like that ! Anyway, If it’s true, Just look in the bright side: a man who wanna be your friend showing that he is a good man who like U just the way U are!

01:21 PM Mar 25 2008 |



donot doubt people all love beatiful lady,someone marry her ,the other make friend with them.everyone view or suppose is deffrent ,the question is what he want to reach.

for me ,i love beatiful girl with real heart which is only my dream.

03:06 PM Mar 25 2008 |



Viet Nam

Beauty is important,especially at the first time we meet.

But,i know a lot of people,they r not really nice,but wht they said n wht they do make the others feel love them.Trust me.Dont be sad just b'cozz that.

Care abt people around u.

03:24 PM Mar 25 2008 |




i dont think so.according me beauti is not everything in the  life part.if you are beauti and young today must be old one day then what you thing about past.dont ignore it.


06:10 AM Feb 26 2009 |




maybe some of them do so,but i think wise men won't do this

02:06 PM Feb 26 2009 |