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Called to Say Hey

Called to Say Hey English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 05 2008

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Even though she rejected him pretty harshly when he tried to kiss her, Amanda did tell Jason they could take it slow. So he figured he’d brighten up her day a little and surprise her with a phone call at work.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  Celestial Seasonings Tea, this is Amanda.

Jason:  Hey, Amanda, it’s Jason.

Amanda:  Oh, hey Mason!

Jason:  No, no, no. Jason.

Amanda:  Jason. Oh. Hi. Um…What are you doin’?

Jason:  Oh, I was just calling to say, “Hey.”

Amanda:  I didn’t even know you knew my number. But that’s totally fine. That’s cool.

Jason:  You just told me where you worked and I found it in the dial by name directory.

Amanda:  Wow, that’s resourceful. So what’s going on? Because I’m kind of busy at work. I’ve got a deadline and…Do you have an emergency or something?

Jason:  Oh, n-n-no, I just…I’m sorry to bug you then, I just wondered if you wanted to go do something on Friday, maybe.

Amanda:  Oh, this Friday?

Jason:  Y-y-yeah.

Amanda:  It’s so weird, like I think I have something, but I can’t remember what it is so, I guess I’m free. Friday…I guess. OK. That’s fine. What do you want to do?

Jason:  Oh, we could see a movie or go ice skating or something.

Amanda:  I’d rather if we kind of did something that was in a 30-minute time frame, so if you can figure out some type of short, quick, brief activity.

Jason:  I’ll figure something out. But why don’t I pick you up at 7:30 and I’ll figure something out in that half-hour window.

Amanda:  OK. I look forward to it.

Jason:  Cool!

Amanda:  OK, I gotta go. I’m sorry.

Jason:  No, no problem.

Amanda:  But I appreciate the call. Just try not to do it again, OK?

Jason:  OK, sure.

Amanda:  OK. Bye.

Jason:  Bye.

Amanda:  Huh. Wow.



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When Jason says his name over the phone, Amanda thinks he says Mason. That’s not the first time that someone confused the two names.

She’s surprised that Jason has her number, but apparently it wasn’t too hard to track her down because she had told him where she works.

Amanda wonders why Jason if calling. Is he in trouble or something? It seems like she doesn’t think his surprise is as romantic as he did. He says he just called to see if she wanted to hang out on Friday.

Amanda agrees to go out on Friday on a very short date. Jason seems excited but Amanda seems a little bit uncomfortable.

Would you like it if someone surprised you with a phone call at work? How do you think Amanda and Jason’s date will go?



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11:43 AM Feb 06 2008 |

Smile =)

Smile =)

Russian Federation

I think the Amanda and Jason`s date will go very bad.

10:20 AM Feb 06 2008 |




It's a hard thing to reject a guy.

09:55 AM Feb 06 2008 |



I think Amanda doesn't like Jason

08:47 AM Feb 06 2008 |




Jason is wasting his time with Amanda. She doesn't want nothing with him.

Please Jason, look for another girl. That is very hard to you.

09:49 PM Feb 05 2008 |



Viet Nam

This is going to be so disadvantage to Jason every time Amanda restrains their meeting, which is often invited by him. 

But somehow he'll find a key solution to this problem. :). I support him.  

08:51 PM Feb 05 2008 |

Emelia Ankoh


Hi amanda did the right thing because she didn`t anyone to disturb her whiles working.And also Jason made her aware that he just called to say  hey.Is just that amanda is principled

08:18 PM Feb 05 2008 |



amand should be brave and level with Jason….lying will not leads very far…she's got to be frank with him…...

07:51 PM Feb 05 2008 |



Viet Nam

it is a typical situation in our country, he did not come on time, maybe if he called her in another time it could be better. 

06:59 PM Feb 05 2008 |


Russian Federation

it's up to Jason whether to go or not if a girl doesn't fancy him

06:46 PM Feb 05 2008 |



how it work here

06:41 PM Feb 05 2008 |




hoho,poor jason

05:18 PM Feb 05 2008 |



Well, If you ask me, I would say, the 30 mins will turn the whole situation around…
Jason will have a good chance to win. Believe me, a phone call + 30mins, could change your life..
haha ;-)

04:42 PM Feb 05 2008 |

blue paper

blue paper


it seem clearly that the girl doesn't like the boy ,when she heared mason that she looks like happy and excited ,but then she knows it's jason,she doesn't surprise,and shows a little disappionted,and it's so funny they have only 30minutes dating,it's so poor ,jason,he looks like how carzy about her.

04:22 PM Feb 05 2008 |



i think she is nice girl and know how to attractive the guys and she is not want to break hus heart so i think that is good

03:40 PM Feb 05 2008 |



she is nice girl and know how to attractive the guys so i hope to do all girl like this

03:37 PM Feb 05 2008 |



I think, Amanda won't go to date Jason on friday. Maybe she will be to late or will forget the date. If she is not in love with Jason she should tell him. Now it seems that she definitely knows that Jason has a crush on her.

03:07 PM Feb 05 2008 |



hi how are you

03:02 PM Feb 05 2008 |



Y, y Yeah Oh Jason Bugged Amanda’s work. it was Difficult to get a crash and have nice conversation Jason to Amanda she was very bussy.
Next time she have prepare herself time to dating with Jason.

02:41 PM Feb 05 2008 |



United States

sometimes you will fall into a dilemma. Just like somebody likes you but you don't like her(of course for you. for me, it's him. heheh~~)you must hide something in order not to make her embarrassed. I think you can tell her later what you feel.

01:40 PM Feb 05 2008 |

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