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Sorority Row

Sorority Row

Date: Oct 28 2009

Themes: Holidays, School

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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A house full of girls can be pretty scary on its own. But add a demented serial killer, and you’ve got yourself a slasher film.

Just in time for Halloween, Sorority Row is about a group of sorority sisters who are being murdered one by one. Most slasher films feature attractive young girls in skimpy clothes running away from a crazy murderer, and it sounds like this one will be a classic example of the genre. Find out if Ella and Marni will get their Halloween thrills from Sorority Row.


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Marni:  That new movie that’s out, Sorority Row...

Ella:  Yes?

Marni:  Have you seen it?

Ella:  No, but you know me, I love those slasher films.

Marni:  I do love a horror film, it’s that time of year where a good horror film’s gotta come out. Interesting, you know…I kind of feel like wow, I’m surprised this hasn’t been done before.

Ella:  I know, it seems like something feels familiar about this. Just the whole girls in skimpy clothes, really pretty girls, they’re going to get killed!

Marni:  Right, right. Sorority girls being killed. Kinda seems like maybe it’s an initiation rite, what do you think?

Ella:  Maybe. I mean there’s gotta be frat guys, you know, the whole nine yards in this movie.

Marni:  So, were you ever in a sorority?

Ella:  No, they banned any type of Greek affiliation, Greek life at my university, so…none of that.

Marni:  I always know a lot more frat guys than I do sorority gals.

Ella:  Yeah, they’re cliquish, so I can see how that would be more apparent.

Marni:  But yeah, I’m excited to see this movie. Good killing spree.


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In the U.S., some college students join sororities or fraternities, social clubs where people of the same sex live together in a big house and spend all their time together. Each fraternity and sorority is represented by Greek letters, so sometimes they are referred to as “Greek.” Sororities and fraternities have a reputation for being cliquish and exclusive. They’re also known for having wild parties.

Ella is excited to see the new movie Sorority Row. She thinks it sounds like a typical slasher film. Marni agrees that it’s the perfect time of year to see a horror movie, since Halloween is just a few days away.

At Ella’s university, sororities and fraternities were forbidden. So she wasn’t in a sorority and doesn’t know many sorority girls. Both she and Marni know more frat boys than sorority girls.

Are there sororities and fraternities at universities in your country? Do you know any frat boys or sorority girls? What do you think about slasher movies?
Learn about Marni’s favorite horror movies on her blog.



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Cote D'Ivoire

there's no halloween in my country. but I like just a few slasher movies

10:08 PM Oct 28 2009 |



Russian Federation

the whole idea and plot sound silly. We have already seen millions of the same ideas movies. I'm not gonna waist my time watching this school age scary movie. I do enjoy more thriller than horror movie. One of my favorite is first "Butterfly effect", great movie.

09:49 PM Oct 28 2009 |




I don´t like… but if I don´t have anything else more important to do… i reall enjoy sitting on the chair with some popcorns and a cup of coca at my side…
just for passtime…

09:14 PM Oct 28 2009 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

I think it is personal preference to have a sexy coz they are now matured

08:03 PM Oct 28 2009 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

I think it is personal preference to have a sexy coz they are now matured

08:03 PM Oct 28 2009 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

I think it is personal preference to have a sexy coz they are now matured

08:03 PM Oct 28 2009 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

I think it is personal preference to have a sexy coz they are now matured

07:59 PM Oct 28 2009 |



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04:43 PM Oct 28 2009 |




stupid, nonsense movies. Doesnt teach you anything more than violence.

04:03 PM Oct 28 2009 |



Killing spree…


02:12 PM Oct 28 2009 |




its vey nicee movie…

they are so hot..hehe

12:45 PM Oct 28 2009 |

Shinichi Lover


I like hirror movies it's cool, I was watch them when I was child !

10:18 AM Oct 28 2009 |




No such thing in China… But I do like slasher movies.

08:51 AM Oct 28 2009 |


Syrian Arab Republic

i like this film but iam a scary girl Cry



08:12 AM Oct 28 2009 |



in my country no Halloween, and there are no sororities or even fraterinities.

when i was young i loved horror films too much than others,

and i liked all films that are full of violent and having a feature of killing spree

07:51 AM Oct 28 2009 |




In my country don't have Halloween

07:23 AM Oct 28 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

قد تخلو الزجاجة من العطر ..
ولكن تبقى الرائحة العطرة عالقة بالزجاجة ..
كما تبقى الذكرى الطيبة عالقة بالقلب ..
هم أولئك الذين ينقشون حبهم بطيب تعاملهم على جدران قلوبنا ..
ويصعب علينا أن ننساهم ..
وأنت أحــــدهم ..


   iF I'M SPecial To U send to Me 

إذا انا مميز بالنسبه لك اعيد ارسالها لي 




You might be best friends one year

قد تكون صديقي المفضل سنه كامله

pretty good friends the next year,

 ايضا صداقه جيده السنه القادمه

don't talk that often the next year,

السنه التي تليها لانكلم بعض كثيرا

  and don't want to talk at all the year after that.

والسنه التي تليها لانريد مكالمه بعض ابدا على الاطلاق 



So, I just wanted to say,

 انا فقط اردت ان اقول

even if I never talk to you again in my life,

 حتى لو لم اكلمك ابدا في حياتي

you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life,

 انت مميز بالنسبه لي وقد عملت فرق في حياتي


I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.

 انا اتطلع لك واحترمك وحقا اعزك



Send this to all your friends

ارسلوا هذه لجميع اصدقائكم 

no matter how often you talk,

 مهما كانت مكالماتكم

or how close you are,

او قربهم لك

and send it to the person who sent it to you.

 واعيد ارسالها لمن رسلها لك

Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them,

 اجعل اصدقائك القدماء يعلمون انك لم تنسيهم


and tell new friends you never will.

 واخبرا اصديقائك الجدد انك لن تنسيهم ابدا


Remember, everyone needs a friend,

 تذكر الجميع يحتاجون اصدقاء


someday you might feel like you have NO FRIENDS at all,

 يوما ما ستشعر بأنك ليس لديك اصدقاء ابدا على الاطلاق

just remember this text

فقط تذكر هذه الرساله


and take comfort in knowing

  وارتاح لمعرفه

somebody out there cares about you and always will

هناك شخصا ما يهتم لامرك ودائما سيهتم

06:12 AM Oct 28 2009 |




oh ,I love it ~

04:52 AM Oct 28 2009 |


Viet Nam

In my country there is no sorority row, boys and girls, rural or urban people live together in a hostel or dormitory or study together in a university.Of course, groups of students exist depending on what common features their members share. There are fraternities in a university, but normally, it is not allowed for students to form one by themselves. For the horror movies, I don't find them my taste, but if I am invited by friends to watch once or twice I would not mind. In Vietnam, people traditionally own points of views about horror movies that are different from Westerners. 

04:11 AM Oct 28 2009 |



why can't i download it 

03:48 AM Oct 28 2009 |

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