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Ella the Mind Reader

Ella the Mind Reader English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Dec 29 2009

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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About a month ago, something strange happened to Ella. She had a dream of a glowing green light, and when she woke up, she could hear people’s thoughts!

Being a mind reader would be fun, right? Sometimes, yes, but other times you might hear things you don’t want to hear. Listen in on Mason’s thoughts with Ella and see why they might make her feel a little awkward as he cleans around her desk.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Ella is looking smokin’ hot today! I will totally clean that desk!

Ella:  Wow. Sweet.

Mason:  Oh, hey, Ella. How’s it going?

Ella:  It’s going pretty fabulous. How about you?

Mason:  Yeah. It’s…It’s good. I’ll tidy things up real nice. So, you know, just gonna help tidy up a little bit.

Ella:  Yeah. Thanks.

Mason:  Keep the office nice and…

Ella:  Yeah. I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to clean up around here.

Mason:  ...spick-and-span. You know, maybe I should just get under your feet there. You mind scooting down a little bit?

Ella:  Oh. OK.

Mason:  Thanks. Look at those legs. Those are mighty fine. I bet she exercises, like, twice a day.

Ella:  Oh, no. Oh, no. Stop looking at my legs! Stop looking at my legs!

Mason:  So, how’s it been going?

Ella:  Going good, you know, trying to keep profits going for the company here.

Mason:  Uh huh. Her hair smells nice too.

Ella:  What!? How close is he? I didn’t even shower today.

Mason:  Why is she backing away? I’m trying to be nice and clean. I mean, she doesn’t know what I’m thinking. Or does she?

Ella:  Don’t be awkward. Don’t be awkward. Don’t be too obvious. No. I can do all this myself, actually. Yeah.

Mason:  You sure?

Ella:  Yeah. I don’t mind. It’s OK. No.

Mason:  I like to help out my lady friends. That’s how I roll.

Ella:  But OK, you know.

Mason:  Well, uh, talk to you later.

Ella:  Yeah. Bye.


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Mason walks in to clean the office when he notices that Ella is looking good today. Since she can hear his thoughts, she’s flattered when he thinks that about her. But as he cleans around her desk, he continues think about how attracted to Ella he is, and it begins to make her feel uncomfortable.

Ella backs away from Mason and he wonders if she knows he likes her. If he only knew she could actually read his mind!

What would someone find if they read your mind?



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yeah, it's a nice lesson to read i want my girl friend to be a mind reader basically am a silent and shy kind of a guy in my school however i have learned to open up but only with the people who are very close i can be absolutely naughty with them…...........i always want to say so many things to her i just want to let her know how much she means to me but when i see her i just run out of words if she is a mind reader she could know what's going trough my mind right

05:42 AM Dec 31 2009 |




Laughingvery funny lesson, thanks englishbaby. I'm thinking about a film "what  women want" automatically

Mason:  Uh huh. Her hair smells nice too.

Ella:  What!? How close is he? I didn’t even shower today. Laughing


02:02 PM Dec 30 2009 |



Really cool, Could you guys imagin how would be if people could read our thoughts…. that scares …..

01:47 AM Dec 30 2009 |




Whoever, would be lost in my world…

10:19 PM Dec 29 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

maybe someone has ability to read people`s minds.                              Ella is one of them.

09:53 PM Dec 29 2009 |




smokin' hot ella !!!!

08:27 PM Dec 29 2009 |




Wow I love Ella..:)

07:53 PM Dec 29 2009 |



South Korea

I remember the movie " What women wants to do?".

This is similar theme today's title.

I want to be a mind reader.


04:41 PM Dec 29 2009 |



Its great to be a mind reader. If I can read another mind then I would help poor people & who are in tense.

Great lesson & I love the voice of Ella & Mason. Its great. 

03:23 PM Dec 29 2009 |




Thanks Ella =)

01:19 PM Dec 29 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

imagine that someone can read my mind and my inner thouuts .. :$

12:41 PM Dec 29 2009 |




hello ella thanks for your efforts and good advice


11:17 AM Dec 29 2009 |

An Soo-hyun

South Korea

It is an unusual situation. I always try to know other's mind, especially for my wife. Sometimes, I think I ignored what my wife was saying. I must be careful. Keep in mind my closest friends always hurt me. It is a truth.

Recently, when I endeavor to catch my wife's mind little by little , we are happy. Try to get other's mind and you and your friend will be happy, too.

06:50 AM Dec 29 2009 |



Russian Federation

Better not to be a mind reader, you may hear smth unpleasant for you… and of'course no one would like that his thought would be read by anyone…

06:21 AM Dec 29 2009 |




It's so interesting

03:57 AM Dec 29 2009 |




That would be  terrible if some could read my mind. I dont want them to find my little secret.But if I had the ability of telepathy, I think that would be great!! lol

02:34 AM Dec 29 2009 |



Haha.. They will find all my gross thinks about guys!

01:08 AM Dec 29 2009 |

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02:21 AM Dec 15 2009 |

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