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First Conditional

Date: Jun 07 2011

Themes: Family, Soap Opera

Grammar: First Conditional


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Discipline is one of hardest parts of parenting. You don’t want to be mean, but you have to make sure your kids follow the rules.

One way to punish children for misbehaving is by grounding them. A kid who is grounded has to stay at home and can’t leave the house. You can also ground kids from things. You can ground your kids from the computer or the car and not let them go online or drive for a while.

Ella adopted a kid recently, but she needs some advice from Dale about how to make him behave.

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Ella:  I don’t know what to do, Dale. I can’t handle it anymore.

Dale:  Do what?

Ella:  Table is out of control. He’s ruining my relationship. I just…I don’t know what to do with him. He breaks everything and he’s wild. I just don’t know how to control him.

Dale:  Have you grounded him yet?

Ella:  Grounded? What’s that? My parents never disciplined me so I don’t really know.

Dale:  Grounded is where you actually discipline your child by either putting them in their room or taking things away…Making them understand that they did something wrong so they learn in a process over time that if they do something bad, something bad will happen to them…in a kid-adult sort of way.

Ella:  Won’t he get mad at me if I ground him though?

Dale:  It’s a possibility, but they learn their lesson after a while, I believe. I think. I’ve heard it. I’ve read it in books. I heard you do timeouts. I mean, what’s his favorite toy?

Ella:  His bat.

Dale:  His bat. So if he does something bad, you take away the bat.

Ella:  I don’t know if that’s going to make him happy. He might hit me afterwards if I give it back. I’m trying to maintain a friendship level. Does that work in grounding? Can you still be friends after you ground someone?

Dale:  You could. That’s a hard one.

Ella:  I’ll give it a shot. I really have no other options at this point, so…

Dale:  OK.

Ella:  Ground him!

Dale:  Ground him!

Ella:  You’re grounded.

Table:  No.

Ella:  What? Go to your room!

Table:  No.


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Ella is having a hard time controlling her son, Table. He likes to run around and hit things with his bat.

Dale suggests she try grounding him. She could ground him from his bat and take it away for a while, or she could make him stay in his room.

Ella tries to tell Table that he’s grounded, but he shouts back, “No!” How can Ella make him behave?

Did your parents ever ground you when you were a kid?



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Uh… I forget everything in my childhood.

Now they seldom grounds me because I’m grow up.

02:57 PM Jun 07 2011 |



Viet Nam

Disciplining a child when he makes a mistake is always a good way to help him understand what is right or wrong so he wouldnt do the same thing in a same way again. I think Ella is getting confused with how to control a child. She should learn more and more bcos being a parent is not an easy job.

02:53 PM Jun 07 2011 |




grounded!! i got used to it!! but hey lets c the bright sight!! :P

12:24 PM Jun 07 2011 |




I’v never been grounded ,thnx god ,I had a secret  weapons were protect me from punishment 

11:33 AM Jun 07 2011 |




mmmmmmmmmmm of course my parents were grounding me when i do something wrong … and some times they were hitting me


but when I became older … they had stopped this way of punishment,  and now they don’t give me money if I misbehave :DD …. and that’s worse :))


when i was young ,, i thought that they don’t love me :D … but i knew now that they were trying to raise me up well .. and they was want me to be a good boy :))

11:28 AM Jun 07 2011 |




yeah when i was a kid my parents used to grounded me but they never hit me..

08:40 AM Jun 07 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

yes  childs are  so great  and  this things  too  hard heavy for them

08:03 AM Jun 07 2011 |




06:29 AM Jun 07 2011 |

nana katskheli


Ella speaks so fast,it’s realy difficult to understand.

06:16 AM Jun 07 2011 |


Viet Nam

I quite believe that Ella is not very good mother. See the way she can not control Table. Poor Ella isn’t she.

She can not discipline the child but she want to be in to adopt Table??? Maybe she is the people to start the troubling. She ruin the life of Table. I think, she can not handle it anymore.

Ella might a good misstrexx but not a wife or mother.

03:25 AM Jun 07 2011 |

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