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The Dentist
The Dentist

Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Nov 14 2011

Themes: Health

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Poor dentists. All they want to do is help you keep your teeth healthy and clean. Yet many people hate going to the dentist so much, they’ll do anything they can to put off going in for their regular check up. But if you wait until a tooth hurts really badly before visiting the dentist, you could be in serious trouble.

Jason hates going to the dentist. Hear Mason try to convince him that it’s not so bad.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I put off going to the dentist as long as possible.

Mason:  Yeah, me too. But funny story, I actually went for the first time in something like six years or whatever, very recently, and I was fine. I had like no cavities.

Jason:  Wow.

Mason:  Everything was totally OK, which was kind of a shock to me.

Jason:  So when you go…the idea that you have to go for a check up every six months may not be the case.

Mason:  Well, I don’t know that I want to endorse that. It’s definitely a good thing to brush your teeth twice a day and to floss.

Jason:  But it’s so scary, like the mouth is kind of a mystery.

Mason:  I agree. It’s like, you don’t know what they’re doing in there either.

Jason:  You can’t see it.

Mason:  You can’t see it. They might make you unconscious. You don’t know what’s going to happen then, if they put you under.

Jason:  You can just hope that the hygienist is cute. And that’s all you got.

Mason:  That’s true.


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Jason doesn’t like going to the dentist and puts it off as long as he can. Mason used to be the same way, but he recently went for a check up. He was surprised, because even though he hadn’t been to the dentist for a long time, he didn’t have any cavities.

Jason thinks that going to the dentist is scary because the mouth is a mystery. You can’t see inside your own mouth and it’s hard to know what goes on in there. It can also be scary when the dentist puts you under because you don’t know what is happening when you’re unconscious.

Do you go to the dentist for regular check ups? Do you like going to the dentist, or do you think it’s scary?



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gautami kulkarni


I have visited dentist. he was kind man.

02:21 PM Nov 14 2011 |




Health is very important, hence to keep it in a good state is our task. To visit a dentist is not a pleasurable process, but you need to go to, because the new teeth will never grow in your mouth.Frown So, let us try to tolerate the little pain. Moreover the modern dental equipment do its best to reduce the pain in your tooth. I belive in that anyway.

01:21 PM Nov 14 2011 |




NO, I don’t go to the dentist, it’s not because I am afraid to feel pain, but because I am afraid to pay money hahahahaha

01:14 PM Nov 14 2011 |



When it comes to dentist, i think none like going to when we as a child,because for child,totally don’t know how important for tooths checking regularly,just scary teeth check by dentist when get cavities,as for me ,i m also scary when i was young,because my mother always took me have a dentist to regular checking ,fortunately,i have never get cavities till now,so i have to thanks my mother,she tought me how to keep my teeth heath and brush teeth twice everyday,so for now i m accustomer to get dentist regular also,i have a friend need to get dentist almost ever mouth cause by several of his teeth have been cavities,so very painful once he stop the medicine,so here i have to remind everyone should keep your teeth health and checking by dentist or dentifrice regulary.

12:51 PM Nov 14 2011 |

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I don’t think that its scary to go to the dentist. I go for a check up every 6 mounts. I have 32 original tooth and no cavitie. I hope same to you. But if you don’t go for check up its imposible. Take care every body. Bye.

12:46 PM Nov 14 2011 |

Jiang  Yun

Jiang Yun


I have never seen a dentist.But I think that  dentist benefit to mankind.

11:52 AM Nov 14 2011 |

1 person likes this

peyman gh

peyman gh

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t like dentists beacuse 5 years ago i went to the doctor and dentist pulled my tooth.but detistry is a good jab.

11:36 AM Nov 14 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I used to go to the dentist for regular check ups because I had to wear a dental appliance for some years and the dentist used to check how it was going very often. But now that I don’t go to the dentist so often, I am also I little scary of going back there in case they find me cavities or something wrong. I think I have to get down to it as soon as possible haha just in case it gets worse

10:59 AM Nov 14 2011 |



I love dentist!!! I going in for their regular )

10:19 AM Nov 14 2011 |




Who hates me? I am a dentist. Laughing

10:01 AM Nov 14 2011 |



I went to a dentist while i was suffering for teeth pain. The Doctor filled my cavities but still i have….......lol, I hate dentist.

09:14 AM Nov 14 2011 |




its funny xD
i also hate going to the dentist 

07:08 AM Nov 14 2011 |

1 person likes this



Syrian Arab Republic

i go to the dentist for regular check up , thanks for god ,my teeth are ok

and i think regular check ups are very important to avoid having pain

07:07 AM Nov 14 2011 |

1 person likes this



When I was a little kid I always scared of going to the dentist. Because every time I go there some other children were crying and having uncofortable face, so all of that things kind of scared me. Then after I grew up and I realized how important to keep your teeth healthy. So now I try to go the dentist for regular check up like once a every 6 month.  

07:05 AM Nov 14 2011 |

1 person likes this



Sri Lanka


05:51 AM Nov 14 2011 |




I am just like passengers as for the dentist.

02:40 AM Nov 14 2011 |

funny bunny

United States

How do you know that I had an appointment with the dentist today!

01:44 AM Nov 14 2011 |



South Korea

around a year ago, i went to check up my teeth. it was terrible. it was first time i went to go. every 2 -3 times, i brushed and flossed my teeth. but they were bad.cavities were there and i should get bridge done , cause I got my molar pulled long time ago. it was emptiness that caused the line of my teeth to shift. they put me down, and hygenist got teeth clear.

01:18 AM Nov 14 2011 |




I can also relate to Jason, i don´t like to go to the dentist  for a regular check-up . while visiting my family in california  i had a horrible tooth ache  and instead of having  fun , i had to go to the dentist  to treat a cavity.Luckily, before travelling  i made sure to buy medical insurance , otherwise i would have to pay  the doctor with   money that was intended  for other purposes.

03:27 PM Nov 11 2011 |

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