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Date: Oct 23 2018

Themes: Sports


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To play kabaddi, you must have stamina. Not only must you be quick and strong, but you must be able to hold your breath for as long as two minutes. It’s an impressive and sophisticated game of tag that people who are new to the sport find fascinating. Will kabaddi spread across the world?

Gary and Marni are talking about the rules and history of kabaddi. Find out just how little they understand in this English lesson about the sport!


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Did you grow up playing kabaddi? Is it difficult or easy to learn? Can anyone play kabaddi?


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Thanks for sharing this post. I am very interested in your topics . I would like to share my opinion on this topics. You will note the place further energy are creeping in and the place you may minimize right down to get again in form. A typical program features a journal to document your emotions/ideas every day along with your meals consumption. For Read more visit rainydayfitness(dot)com website.

04:31 PM Oct 23 2018 |



Kabaddi? Actually I’ve no idea about what it is when I first met this word. It requires the players’ stamina, I think, it’s very exciting and challengeable.

02:05 AM Oct 21 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We used to play it as a local and traditional game when we were small . But instead of repeating word “kabaddi” we used to say “zooooo…..” to hold our breath. This is origionally an Iranian game. But unfortunately I
ndians registered it as their own national game.

10:55 AM Oct 19 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

every body should know that kabedi was originated in iran but first time has been registered as a national game by indians. iranian are playing this game for thouthands of years and you must know that thats indians that were effected by iranians in different areas.even thier language was effected by iranian language in few centuries ago and there are many persion words in indian language right now.

09:37 AM Oct 19 2014 |




It’s my first time to know Kabaddi and i specially found an vedio to learn how to paly it .it’s kind of like the game “hawk and chicken”.

12:41 PM Oct 18 2014 |




what is kabaddi??? I don’t understand it. I never heard of it. maybe I should search it over the internet

07:46 AM Oct 18 2014 |

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To keep saying kabaddi  the whole time for 2 mins is good for exercising one’s breathing . It can increase one’s lung capacity and a good lung capacity is good for respiration. For those who has asthma, this technique might help them improve their breathing problem.

05:43 AM Oct 18 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iran has one of the best kabaddi teams of the world

09:43 PM Oct 17 2014 |

Munawar Ahmad


This game makes a man bodily strong and brave

11:54 AM Oct 17 2014 |



Russian Federation

I have never heard about that but it seems quite exciting…

10:59 AM Oct 17 2014 |


Russian Federation

They don’t play this game in Russia. But something makes me think it is a kind of a loss cos the game seems to be nice to me. You can exercise several things at once: a/ keep the kids busy doing some common thing which allows to be noisy for the good reson;

b/ experience your own stamina;

c/  what a lovely exercise for your articulatory organs and lungs!

Time to enjoy it! KabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddiKabaddi

09:35 AM Oct 17 2014 |

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julioms23Super Member!


I don’t understan what is the goal of the game.

06:37 AM Oct 17 2014 |

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yes it is very popular in india. since birth i have been watching & playing this game and loving it. you need to have lot of stamina for this game as you have to hold your breath for so long. kabadi kabadi kabadi kabadi kabadi !!

06:23 AM Oct 17 2014 |

rabindra shrestha


in nepal also lot of people playing this game plz don’t miss to say nepal.

03:17 AM Oct 17 2014 |

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