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Terrible Twos
Terrible Twos

Learn English meaning of 'Terrible Twos'

Date: Dec 21 2016

Themes: Family


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What is the terrible twos? When a child is about two years old, sometimes they can be terrible. Maybe, they scream instead of nap. Maybe, they start throwing tantrums in timeout. Because so many two-year-old children do these things, we call it the terrible twos.

But two-year-old children can also be great. They are cute and funny. They’re walking, and talking, and lots of fun. You should expect both the good and the bad if your child is two.


expect v.


Example I expect it to rain later today.

scream v.


Example Don't scream, but I see a big spider in your hair!

throw a tantrum expr.


Example My son will throw a tantrum in the grocery store if I don't buy him candy. He'll start screaming and throwing food out of the cart.

nap n.


Example I was so tired today that I had to take a nap.

timeout n.


Example I had to give Brandy a five-minute timeout because she kept smacking her brother.

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What do you do when a child starts throwing tantrums? Did your parents put you in timeout?


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Some my friends who have turned to be parents would complain with me abt their terrible twos kids. The kids in this age like screamming in the public, fighting with other kids and etc.

I just do nothing if the kid starts throwing tantrums. I would stare at he and show my serious face to he to make he feel fear. haha.

Of course, when I was a kid, I was put in timeout by my parents. On my opinoin, it is a quite good method to let the kid to be understanding what is right and wrong.

02:36 AM Dec 22 2016 |

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Serbia and Montenegro

I  still do not have my own children so I really do not know how I will react when my child starts throwing tantrums. Regarding the second questions, I do not remember did my parents  put me in timeout, but I remember that I got spanking many times :D

02:52 PM Dec 21 2016 |


Saudi Arabia


10:38 AM Dec 21 2016 |

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The Last Joke


Guy : I have no children yet ..but let me tell you this:

  🔵 Let us work so hard today ,,,so that our children can have a better tomorrow !

02:01 AM Dec 21 2016 |

The Last Joke


Guys first of all we should know this :
  🔵We aren’t responsible for getting our children under control !
 we should know also this :
🔴 It’s our job to teach our children …we should remind ourselves that we are the teachers ( our children can’t handle these strong emotions yet and it’s our job to help them learn how to do that

01:54 AM Dec 21 2016 |

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