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Learn English meaning of ‘bellydancing’

Date: Jun 21 2017

Themes: Friend, Health, Hobbies


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Bellydancing is an interesting folkloric dance. Bellydancers use their hips, core, and upper body to make isolated movements. One style of bellydance is tribal, which is very earthy and feminine.

Some people might be scared to try bellydancing. They think it is too “sensual.” But really, bellydancing is great exercise. Bellydancers of all shapes and sizes will look great for bathing suit season.


core n.


Example Working out your core is a great idea.

tribal adj.


Example I would like to learn tribal drumming and dancing.

feminine adj.


Example Her fashion sense is very feminine. I'm more of a tomboy.

bathing suit season n.


Example Mary worked out every day so she would look good for bathing suit season.

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Have you heard of different kinds of bellydancing? Do you think it would be fun to try?


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Marni’s voice doesn’t sound like Marni in this episode. Impostor?

11:22 PM Oct 28 2019 |



Marni speaks as singing, I love it hahaha :)

09:36 PM Jun 21 2017 |




Belly dancing is very nice but it’s very difficult , every one can’t do it very well unless to be trained by professional trainers, I like Latin dance with a partner …........hum hum hum changing weight from one foot to the other it’s very sensual and romantic. 

10:25 AM Jun 21 2017 |

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 I heard of belly dancing but not heard of different kinds of it. I had seen the belly dancing in the past time, a long time ago. I would think I could love it if I took part it. But I had no chance. The belly dancers are very sensual and courageous. I admire them.  The belly dancing is a very good sports.

  Yes. It is very fun to try it. I would think I always have a dream in my heart that I could dance the belly dancing one day. 

04:03 AM Jun 21 2017 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I think that the greatest bellydancers are in Africa. I am not used to watching them, but I find this kind of dance so sexist. 

Bellydance is one of the tribal dance that’s a trend in Africa and eapecially in my country. They are here, u will see them of all shapes and sizes, them dancers.

12:23 AM Jun 21 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I have never heard of different kinds of bellydancing but I think it is so sexy!

I don’t think it would be fun to try, but I definetely love watching it :)

12:20 AM Jun 20 2017 |

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