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Comparing Quantity

There are a couple of different ways to make comparisons of quantity. With non-count nouns like coffee, bread, or love, we use more than and less than. For example: "My mother loves me more than she loves my sister," or, "There is less ice cream in my bowl than in Sarah’s bowl."

For countable nouns like apples, people, or books, we use more than and fewer than to make comparisons of quantity. For example: "I have more books than my brother," or, "Jake has fewer friends than Paul."

To show that two things have the same quantity, we use as much as, as many as, or as little as for non-count nouns. For example: "Jason is taking as many classes this year as he did last year," or "I use as little milk in my coffee as you do."

For countable nouns, we use as many as and as few as. As in, "I can eat as many cookies as you can," or, "There are as few people at this movie as there were at the last movie we saw."

Comparing Quantity Grammar Quiz

  1. There is milk as orange juice in the fridge.

  2. The last movie I saw had special effects than Batman.

  3. I read books than my sister.

  4. people have been laid-off lately.

  5. I eat pizza as as I eat hamburgers.

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