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Get On Each Other's Nerves
Get On Each Other's Nerves English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'get on each other's nerves'

Date: Jun 09 2015

Themes: Friend, How To, Soap Opera

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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Do you have brothers or sisters? When you were younger, you probably had a lot of fights. It’s easy to get on each other’s nerves when you live in the same house, or worse, sleep in the same bedroom! It’s difficult to spend time with people who take your toys, borrow your clothes without asking first, or avoid the chores that your parents have split up between you.

The same kind of tension can happen between adult roommates. Your roommate may not take your things without asking, but he or she will probably wake you up, eat your food by accident, or not always remember to take turns cleaning your home.

Marni thinks that Sara and Kellie should make a plan for who will do the housework. Will they go for it? Read on in today’s English lesson about sharing responsibilities.

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Sara_R:  Thank you so much for helping, Marni.

Marni:  Oh, no problem. So, have you guys decided how you’re going to split up the chores?

Kellie:  Split them up?

Marni:  You want to avoid one person doing more work than the other. It’s the easiest way for people to get on each other’s nerves.

Sara_R:  That won’t happen. We’re perfect for each other.

Marni:  I thought the same thing about my first roommate, but she wanted the house cleaner than I did. She was cleaning all the time, and that started to create tension.

Kellie:  What do you think we should do?

Sara_R:  We could make a list of everything that needs to be done.

Marni:  That’s a good idea. Clean the bathroom. Clean the kitchen. Take out the garbage. That sort of thing.

Kellie:  That seems a little silly. Can’t we just remember what we have to do?

Sara_R:  Yes, but maybe a list would help in the beginning. We could take turns doing different chores or agree to do the ones we like.

Kellie:  I love vacuuming.

Marni:  There you go. Some people can live together with no problems, but most people work through it together.

Kellie:  We should probably talk about our schedules, too. We don’t want to come home after a long day at school or work and discover that the other person has friends over.

Sara_R:  I would never do that to you.

Kellie:  Me neither. But it could happen by accident.

Marni:  I’m sure you’ll figure it out. It’s normal to get on each other’s nerves every once in a while, but you do seem like you’re going to get along.

Sara_R:  Best roommates ever.

Marni:  Oh, boy.


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Marni is helping Kellie and Sara move into their new apartment. She asks them how they’re planning to share the housework, which surprises the new roommates. Marni thinks that Sara and Kellie should talk about who is doing which chores so that they don’t get on each other’s nerves.

Sara has an idea of creating a list of what needs to be done. At first, Kellie thinks the idea is silly, but she begins to appreciate how a list might help. It’s clear that Sara and Kellie want to be good roommates to each other.

Will the two friends be successful as roommates? Have you ever lived with someone who got on your nerves?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have a little sister she really gets on my nerves .she  enjoys getting on people ’s nerves actually ..in fact she drived me CRAZYYYYYYYY

08:23 PM Oct 10 2016 |



I think this video is so good, sometimes everyone gets on someone’s nerves:)

08:16 AM Aug 04 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


I haven’t had that experience of living with a roommate yet, but the idea appeals to me compared with living with three younger brothers, Moreover, I don’t have whom to share the chores with but mum!

11:20 PM Jun 10 2015 |




I do really hope that them get along fine.  I wouldn`t like to read in the Oregon Telegraph that two female  tenants  after a fierce discussion on mutual chores got on each other`s throats … hehehehe .

I have lived with a brother , he is such a good person , only he didn`t like to keep neat the apartment.  Sometimes he got on my nerves ,  I got tired of going after the things that he used to scatter on the floor.  Grin…... 

10:05 PM Jun 09 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

One of the exciting parts about living with sb is expanding ur ability to have  better relationships ..many great friendships begin with new experiences …So before a bad scenario becomes your reality, sit down with your roommate, and draw up the ground rules. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been friends for years or if you’ve just met. I think even the best of friends can become enemies after a few months OF living in the same house…

06:37 PM Jun 09 2015 |




               In my opinion they will deal each other since they can talk face to face and solve problems which they have.                                                                                                                                                                                     I haven’t lived with someone before if we don’t think family but if I live with somebody who I don’t know very well I don’‘t think good  deal with her because I must like her very much this way I can ignore something. 

05:09 PM Jun 09 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We should be hopeful about them!

Splitting up the chores could help them to live better as roommates.

According to my experience in this field, roommates must be patient about each other and some times if you feel your roommate is depressed and couldn’t do chores, you do them, this is good idea and it makes your relationship better!



Sri Lanka

Well, since both of them are willing to talk everything through in advance it seems like they will be successful roommates.

But we can’t be sure about anything now itself. Things might change and after becoming roommates they might discover something annoying about each other that they didn’t know before. 

Moreover we all know that Gary has an eye on Sara. If Sara falls for his charms then Kellie might find Gary in their apartment more often than she would like to see. This might make things a bit shaky between the roommates, but we could read some interesting lessons with some interesting dialogues. 




Roommates should show patience to each other otherwise they couldnt avoid conflicts.And they must know their chores and plan it together.




It would be better that they got a list which would help themselves to keep their house clean and tidy.A list is like an potential rules only they need to do is follow the rules and they will get everything perfect.

All the roommates i came across were very kind and nice person.We all tried our best to keep our room clean.

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