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TV On The Radio's Jaleel Bunton - Will Do

TV On The Radio's Jaleel Bunton - Will Do English, baby! Video Lesson
电视电台乐队鼓手杰里·邦顿 (Jaleel Bunton) 教唱歌曲“Will Do”

Date: Feb 22 2012

Themes: Celebrity, Music

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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TV On The Radio breaks all the rules. They are a rock band that also uses electronic sounds and elements of soul and jazz. You never know what they will do next.

So TV On The Radio fans must have been surprised to see a song called “Will Do” on the band’s new album, Nine Types of Light. “Will do” is a phrase associated with obedience. You say it when you accept an order. In the song, the speaker is saying he will submit to his love. The chorus, “Anytime will do,” means, “Anytime is OK.” If you add “will do” to the end of a sentence, it means whatever you’re talking about will be good enough. But on its own, saying “will do” means, “Yes, I will do that.”

We recently found TV on the Radio drummer Jaleel Bunton out at a bar in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives. We asked him to tell us a little bit more about this song and this phrase, and he said, “Will do!”

所以电视电台乐团的乐迷们在乐队新专辑《Nine Types of Light》上看到一首名叫“Will Do”的歌曲时一定会很惊讶。“Will Do”是与服从相关联的短语。当你接受命令时可以说“will do”。在歌中,歌手说他会屈从于他的爱。歌词“Anytime will do”的意思是“任何时候我都同意”。如果把“will do”添加到句子结尾,意思是不论你说什么都非常对。但是就词语本身来讲,说“will do”意思是“是的,我会去做。”
我们最近在纽约布鲁克林的一家酒吧中发现了电视电台乐队的鼓手杰里·邦顿 (Jaleel Bunton),而他就住在布鲁克林。我们请他向我们更多地透露一点关于这首歌和这句话的含义,他说“Will do!”(“没问题”)

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I am Jason, here with Jaleel, the drummer for TV On The Radio.

Jaleel:  Howdy.

Jason:  I was hoping you could teach us an English phrase today, and one of your song titles on your most recent album is “Will Do.” Can you tell us about that song?

Jaleel:  That is a catchy phrase. The song is about acquiescence, right? It’s about agreeing to anything no matter what the circumstances or what the repercussions. If I say something, you say, “Will do.”

Jason:  OK.

Jaleel:  If I said, “You wanna come over and we’ll go out and get some pizza pie?”, you’d be like, “Will do!” And then you come on over, and we go and get some pizza pie, and it’s a good time.

Jason:  Alright. So it’s basically something you say when you agree to something.

Jaleel:  Sure.

Jason:  When you agree to do something, specifically.

Jaleel:  Yeah, when you agree to do something.

Jaleel:  English, baby!


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TV On The Radio recently released a song called “Will Do.” It’s surprising that a band that likes to experiment with musical styles would name a song after an idiom about following rules and agreeing to another person’s wishes.

But as the band’s drummer, Jaleel Bunton, explains, the song is about agreeing to the wishes of a lover. He says it’s about aquiescence, or making no objection to what you are ordered to do.

The phrase “will do” can be used in casual conversation. Jaleel gives the example of a friend calling to ask you to come over and eat pizza. You could say, “Will do!” and then come over.

Finish this sentence. If someone asks me to __, I will always answer, “Will do!”

To learn more about Jaleel and this interview, visit our blog.



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

If someone asks me to help in reasonable way,I will always answer,”Will do!”

07:10 AM Dec 23 2012 |




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i like this  website,

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01:14 AM Aug 08 2012 |

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La Princesse de la vie


If someone asks me to give a hand, I will always answer, ” will do! ” :) 

02:01 PM Aug 04 2012 |

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kevin tran

Viet Nam

I love everyone

07:10 PM Aug 02 2012 |

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kevin tran

Viet Nam

I really love this website and I love to talk with everyone in this forum

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will u understand English?

will do


06:55 AM Jul 25 2012 |

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i am out  ...


09:46 AM Jun 18 2012 |

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summer of iceland


If someone asks me to join him in another country, I will always answer, “Will do!”

If I loves him, i will say, “Will do!”

09:58 AM Jun 16 2012 |

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When somebody  call me to go outing for view and meal , i always say :will do!

10:11 AM Jun 13 2012 |


Lolli103Super Member!


when someone askes me to come over and do something crazy I’ll say “will do”!

07:19 AM Apr 29 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

if someone asks me to go to a good restaurant, i will always answer,”will do!”

because eating new foods is my best hobby. 

10:13 AM Apr 05 2012 |

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If someone asks me to travel abroad, I will always answer, “Will do!”  That’s because I currently live in Portugal and it is pretty cheap to go abroad by plane Tongue out

04:04 AM Mar 13 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thanks it was a very nice contraction.will do

01:09 AM Mar 03 2012 |

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If someone asks me to go play tennis, I will always answer “Will do”!

06:03 AM Feb 27 2012 |

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Sometimes, I always can’t refuse to others. This can lead to a very tired, but won’t make you happy, always feel overwhelmed.

11:41 PM Feb 25 2012 |

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