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United States

September 13, 2010

I'm growing up. For those that have known me since I was 19, now, in my mid-30s, is the first time that I have really realized I'm a grown up. Last week, we discovered that we are having a girl. We already have a little boy and to have a girl is so exciting that I can hardly wait. 

I am very happy that I waited to have kids until this time of my life. Being a parent does changes your life and only in the last few years have I been ready for that change. 

Everyday, I am happier and happier--I have been more energized, and more excited about every new minute of every day. The reason is that before, I used to think that life is just about me, and only me. But, after starting a family, I have changed from me to them. All I care about is the way I care and love my family.

Love your family every minute of every day, and treasure every second you have, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.



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View all entries from Dale's World >

07:48 AM Nov 19 2010

Viet Nam

lucky you !


12:55 AM Nov 17 2010

mr sonthana
Lao People's Democratic Republic

i am glade to hear a good news that you have a son , it is lovely picture and to be a good father, i beleived that it is difficult that people will do as you, i feel envy you.

08:05 AM Nov 15 2010



Dear Dale.

Thank you for sharing this positive feelings with us! Wishing you the best for your small family.

09:37 AM Oct 25 2010


South Korea

i'm so sorry for wrotting a coment even we don't know us :)

congratulation for your two chilren, it's very nice to have a little family which you enjoy and can love all the time :) i really want to wish you and your family the best :) being health and unforgetable nice time :)

06:17 AM Oct 22 2010


hi congratulations Dale  the family is very important u have to mantain and i will congratulat u again

12:06 AM Sep 26 2010

*** NANA ***

from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you

wish her and her brother the best of luck Smile

01:47 AM Sep 25 2010


Viet Nam

Oh, congratulation !!! It should be very exciting.I think you are making a good father  by the way you realize how you have changed. There you go. Wish you and your family all the best

08:57 AM Sep 23 2010

little nice spring

wow, having baby is the most amazing thing in the world, i don`t have baby but i`d like to be a mother

01:18 AM Sep 14 2010

xiaoyan liu

so happiness to know u have a family..be a father must be hard...but ur family will be proud of u...cheers!