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United States

November 17, 2010


How old is old?

These days, with all the botox, medicines, and lotions on the market, people are trying to look younger.

I am going to turn 36 this month, and I'm also about to have a second child. So this makes me wonder:  when turning a certain age, must we act a certain way? Should you change he way you act when you reach a certain age?  I am a happy guy who keeps looking forward to the future, and have no real idea of what my age really means.

I feel younger, and (I believe) I look young, so I act young. I act and feel like a 29 year old, so people think that's how old I am. I guess since I believe that I am 29, I found the fountain of youth. I don’t have to act old, because I'm really not that old. I think to really be old, you have to be in your '80s!

Age is nothing but a number.  And I know that no matter what number I get, I don’t have be that number.


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View all entries from Dale's World >

04:53 AM Nov 24 2010



SmileOld is Gold. : Beautiful body, Kindness,pay attention,elevated so we should be pay attention with your body needn't surgery just always Vitamins and minerals. by the way  spend  for long time till see those result.Surprised

05:19 PM Nov 18 2010


Care about your necks. It tells the age.

09:43 PM Nov 17 2010



  My co-worker is 76 years old & he feels like hes 50 , according to his words & actions! I want to be like that .