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United States

May 11, 2009

Today I did a lesson about No Doubt's reunion. I was obsessed with No Doubt for 10 years. Gwen Stefani was my hero growing up, she inspired me to want to be a female musician, and had a big influence on me bleaching my hair. I'm curious- what bands did you guys idolize growing up? It would be interesting to know what people grew up listening to all around the world. Was there a musician or actor that was your hero when you were young?


I really want to see No Doubt on their reunion tour but tickets are $80! Pretty outrageous.


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10:04 PM Feb 11 2011



When i was little, i like listening Deng Lijun and Fan Xiaoxuan which are both singers from Taiwan, you may never heard of them. When i was in middle school, i was crazy about Britney Spears till now, although her time has past nowadays. But i still support her and like her. It seems that the idol in childhood is hard to forget. 

11:13 AM Oct 17 2009

cabdijabaar alqaliij

yes  ! my native language is somalia but english is not the hardest language becouse english spoken all over the world . but to day in my self english and my native language somalia is hardest than somalia so who's say english is the hardest language in the world may be that is false .

12:55 AM Jun 11 2009



oh...nope...I like music but not depend on person~~

but your lesson is cool I learned lot ...I know what the conversation mean after I tried 3 times.it is cool..I am the man like your roomate~~slob....not great but nearly~~

anyway I still like clean..ha~~!!that is why my colleague hate meMoney mouth

05:00 AM May 26 2009



i llike no doubt too! Gwen is the most beautiful woman on earth. i like the younger days of her(like singing "I'm just a girl~~") although, she's still pretty! i mean she doesn't get old at all. WOW!
hope you can get their Ticket!!!! say LOVE YA to them for me =)