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United States

October 28, 2009


So Halloween was last weekend and it was so exciting. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, purely for the absurdity of it. I love dressing up and i always put a lot of effort into making my costumes. I've even won a few costume contests in the past. Do you guys like to dress up? What's your all time favorite Halloween costume? What did you wear this year? My roommate was a cat and I was a 70's dicso queen...on roller skates! I don't know how to skate at all, but I managed not to hurt myself.

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03:01 AM Sep 24 2016

United States

Well I wait of this Halloween day in every year and try to wear something unique and look different as well. Therefore I have been searching Halloween Costumes 2016 and select various kinds of dress for it. 

12:32 AM Jan 11 2010



hi,Devan ...... Very Nice Blog;- i saw Halloween in some Hollywood movies. nd i fell that this is very Funny and enjoying festival ... so much mustee in this festival.. Devan's is that your picture who you add in the bolg ???    i like it your style.

02:37 AM Nov 11 2009




the most stupid thing ever

when ppl spray colours against houses, or demolish something when they don t get sweets,

What kind of human are that?

For what we need such day????

02:15 AM Nov 11 2009


Russian Federation

Hey!!! In my country this really funny holiday is celebrated only in schools and colleges. I mean only young people know about it and try to have fun wearing different costumes. Adults are so serious, but I'm gonna to celebrate Halloween till I'm 80!!!!

09:55 PM Nov 09 2009



Hello Devan, Good. REPLY ME PLEASE

03:56 PM Nov 06 2009


I didn't make any costumes or wear any of them. I don't celebrate halloween. And I didn't see anyone around here doing that! What a shame! I hope one day I would have a chance to do it, to exprience it. And you rock, Devan!

02:58 AM Nov 06 2009



You are doing good job, Devan. go ahead.

05:13 PM Nov 05 2009



      coool... Halloween is something wonderful, but strange. many people in England in the United State and even here in brazil it to celebrate Halloween, or the Witches' day.   Halloween has a pagan origin, dating back to Romans' and Celts' times. The Celts worshipped the god of Death, Samhaim, and the Romans worshipped Pomona, the goddess of the Gardens and Orchards - that's why Holloween colours, are black and orange.

02:17 PM Nov 05 2009


Cryhi  how are  u


05:35 AM Nov 05 2009

Pedro Chung

Maybe all the world get in costume for Halloween, but I don't share that.  Each country have to rescue his own tradition and all must respect that.   Surely is a nice celebration, if my children want a costume this day, I won't oppose that.  Your costume was very nice. 

01:33 PM Oct 29 2009


Smilehi Devan

Greetings.....you are very pretty.

I too love to wear a lot of dresses.Here in India we don't celeberate Halloween.But i really wanna a be a part of it someday!and I m pretty sure you will have a great time this halloween.Englishbaby is fantastic.Can i get an opportunity to work with you guies.Because i love what you all do.And i myself a very creative person having an imagination power and hunger to excel.this is so exciting that i just wanna be a part of it.

take very good care.