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October 1, 2010

No, not literally!

Actually this is an English expression, a old-fashioned expression.

So, "It's raining cats and dogs" is something that you say when it is raining heavily. Interesting and curious expression, huh? A bit funny too. 


But, well... I can say: Today it's raining cats and dogs in Brazil! I woke up to the sound of thunders. Who needs an alarm clock when you got thunders, right? Now the sky is dark, the weather is cloudy and is kinda cold. And worst of all: I have to study today. I'm not up to date with my studies

In november, I'm going to take some important tests. It's like an "admission test". If I go well and get a good grade, I'll be able to study at good university. I don't know how it works in other countries, but here in Brazil there're great universites and most of them don't need students to pay the monthly fee, because they're financed by the government, and this makes everything even harder. I mean: a looot of people will take these tests. And they're very difficult. So I gotta do my best and study hard! 

Oh, the rain has stopped! I haven't noticed! Well, good. I don't like rainy days. 

Well, that's all 4 today, folks! :)

I hope you like this expression. Ah, from now on, I'll use this kind of letter when I use some new expressions and I'll put their definitions in the end of the post, so you won't need to look them up in the dictionary. 


       Expressions used 2day (today):

  • Old-fashioned: a word, expression or something not so used by people nowadays. Ex: a typewriter. Some people not even know what is a typewriter! So, typewriters aren't used anymore because nowadays whe use computer/laptops/notebooks/Ipad/etc; that's why they're old-fashioned.
  • Be up to date with...: It means you have done all your tasks/chores, you have done they when you needed to, so you don't have to worry about them and you can relax and do other things. Ex:Anna is up to date with her homework, that's why she can play with her toys all day long.



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12:28 PM Oct 06 2010



such a great idea to post those expresssions with their definitions

keep it up :) 


07:45 AM Oct 06 2010



I haven't heard this slang before, thanks for posting dude:) Such a great entry, your English is bloody epic! hehe

08:27 PM Oct 01 2010

Viet Nam

Thanks for sharing.

We often have this kind of raining in summer. Vietnamese calls it is "mua giong"