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October 16, 2010

Today, in class, our teacher made us this question and I'm still thinking about it.
Sometimes I wonder if successful leaders are people that were born to do it or if they are normal people who learned how to guide and motivate others. Being a leader isn't just bossing people around. It's more than this. In my opinion, being a leader is one of the most difficult  tasks... maybe that's why whe don't have so much leaders in the world. Good ones, at least.
Leaders can't just give someone orders and then not to lift a finger to make something happens. There's nothing to do with being bossy, negligent and sometimes mean to his group's member. It also demands a lot of responsability, dedication...

... that's why I wanna become one.

I've never wanted to take responsability by someone else in my whole life, not because I'm selfish and laid-back (ok, I'm laid-back but this is not the reason) but maybe because I've always feared the consequences. If something doesn't work out, all the group is responsible for that but maybe not as much as the one who's leading them. But now, I think I want to face the consequences of my attitudes and choices. I should have done that before, I know it, but I've never felt ready for that... till now.
It seems I've always been following people, accepting everything without question... or not even try to assert myself. But things has changed and now I want to be at risk. I still have a lot of things to learn, some skills to develop as patience and optimism... but I'll try my best from now on.

Well... I think everyone should ask itself if it's time to stop following in order to start leading.

If you want to become a leader too, make sure to keep this in mind:

"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results."
George S. Patton

And, once you think you've reached all you need to be a leader, ask yourself another question: Would you like to be led by yourself? If your answer is "yes", then you probably have become a true leader.



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07:42 AM Oct 18 2010


Same feeling when I watched it at first,but I prefer to know the disturbing truth rather than stay unaware of what is hapenning around !

That video is just an episode of a series called the arrivals,it is full of chocking facts !

you can watch it on youtube.

04:58 PM Oct 17 2010


Yep, that's my point! XD

And I've watched that video and now I feel kinda... disturbing. haha

I've always feared this conspiracy stuff. 

01:44 AM Oct 17 2010


Ok ;)

Got your point,I just wanted to add some information.and I agree with you "only when you succed to lead you self,then you can lead others" I guess this you point right ?;)

03:06 PM Oct 16 2010


Hossam, first of all, thanks for your coment.

I started to watching this video but I've noticed you've made another point. In my post I don't talk about this kind of leader. The leader in question does have nothing to do about religions, but, well... your point of view is interesting as well, even if doesn't suit my angle in the text.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion with me :)

02:51 PM Oct 16 2010


You wonder how they become leaders ?

Watch and learn ;)