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United States

November 2, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protest movement is upon us as Portland, Oregon, joined the ranks several weeks ago with other cities across the United States. The movement is designed as a protest against the unfair distribution of wealth in this country. When I first heard about the protests in New York, I was excited and supportive. I felt like finally people were outraged enough to say something about the financial crisis and its impact on our economy and our lives. Now that the movement is several months old and seemingly growing, I can’t help but question what effect it is having in changing the status quo.

In Portland, there has been a fairly positive response to the protests. The camp that has been set up downtown seems to be organized and civil with a few arrests here and there but nothing major thus far. The camp seems to have spawned a communal sense of living and acting. I personally haven’t been through the camp (walking by doesn’t count). As I am writing this, I am wondering, “Why haven’t I been through the camp?” “Why haven’t I taken part in the protests?” I am frustrated and angry at how things are in this country and I want my voice to be heard. There have been so many examples lately of countries protesting and sparking real change that I wonder why I am so reticent to join in the “Occupy” movement. Perhaps it is uncertainty or the fact that I am so busy juggling several jobs, but I want to be involved in some way and yet cannot bring myself to participate.

I spoke with a friend recently on this very issue, a desire to act and yet not acting. We tried to understand why we hadn’t done anything ourselves to take part in the protests. Maybe it is because we are scared or uncertain or too caught up in our lives, but we agreed that there seems to be something holding us back. I am not sure what it is, but the old saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained, could not be more appropriate for this situation. 

Perhaps getting out of my comfort zone and seeing what is happening for myself will inspire me to respond to my frustrations in a new and focused way. Perhaps it will simply reinforce my skepticism. I know that I want change and it seems like the time to act is now.

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04:06 AM Dec 04 2011

tanyach1Super Member!

Marni, 99% of the people in the world don't like U.S. Do You think we should occupy U.S.? 99% of the people in the world don't know to play violin.Should we ban those do know? 






02:41 AM Nov 23 2011


Hi Marni, very nice comments you've done about the protest. i wasn't aware about it...

don't be frustrated, just be happy that people is open up their mind and deciding to act in a fair cause.

However i agree with "The Last Joke - user" before thinking in change the world, we need change ourselves.

Then, just do your part on it!


12:29 PM Nov 05 2011



Baset , i believe you , you are  sooooo right !!

Marni ,thank you , soooo nice blog ! 

11:04 AM Nov 05 2011

The Last Joke

Joy :

Because :

1- I'm greatful with Allah(God) with what I already have .

2-  My spirit needs places where nature has not been changed by the hand of man.

10:12 AM Nov 05 2011



Baset : may i ask you :

why you don't think to change the world ?

09:04 AM Nov 05 2011

The Last Joke

Dear teacher :

Most of us view the world live from a perspective of " I don't have enough to be greatful or happy , so I need more "  . Then we think to change the world for the better !
I have a simple philosophy:
The first thing that has to be changed before we can truly change the world for the better is :Ourselves
Once we decide we are greatful or  happy with what we already have , an entire New World will open up to us , instead of wanting more we'll want to give more
So , i think there is no need to think to change the world !

My philosophy is saying :

Yesterday is a cancelled check;  Tomorrow is a promissory note;  Today is the only cash you have, so spend it wisely !!

Dear teacher :

Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true !!

03:51 AM Nov 05 2011

Marshall Islands

"I can't afford my own politician, so I made this sign"

It was the most striking slogan I've seen among protesters. Counter views emphasize individual responsibility, that is to say poor living conditions is the direct consequence of the wrong-doings of the masses. They just didn't make true investments in their lives, they are not willing to work and now those hippies want the government to take care of their lives. Let's grant that entrepreneurial claim some truth. Corporates still require a population with a purchasing power (enough to buy ipods) in order to sustain prevailing mode of production. Staunch proponents of individual entrepreneurship of life must understand the fact that sustainability of the free market is heavily dependent on demand, which prerequisites government intervention to guarantee a basic standard of life.