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diary of 2008

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January 31, 2008


  happy new year to all. ater four days,   itis chinese spring festival. it is a  grant occasion in china. but not to me, on that day, i have to sleep .i really hate this. evrybody say hello to u and all of they have a big smile on their face.

  after my birsday,i will be 25. it is to horrible. i even think iam a little girl .after 2-3 years i wll be married and have a baby.  it is a real life.i don't wanna pregnant, it is a terrible hardship for women. i will be single until my prince appears. many young wanna get married with rich one. iam one of them( it is truth).but how to name"rich"? iam not learly about this.do u really lead a happy life depend on that rich man?

 my best wish of 2008 is that : have a grant client and export 3-4 pallet per month.we all be rich people .hhahah.Laughingwhen i have i million i wanna buy tons of rice to the poorist country,make a donation to them and earn good reputation.. one stone two birds .wonderful idear.

   happy new year and god bless u all.  must be see u after spring festival.Tongue out  see u.


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View all entries from diary of 2008 >