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diary of 2008

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February 19, 2008

     do  u prefer to write diary ont he net? in my leisure time,i have nothing to do,but i have no time to sit down and paper out my mood .  it is a better way to write ont he net onthe day. it will not take up my entertainment time. so it is so cool.i have a blog in my qq zone.and i write my mood there, it needs id to access. so i think it is safe. but there is not absolutely.anyway ,iam not a celebrity. who cares /

    my birthday is coming next week, how to celebrite?i'd like to fly home and spent it  with my father. when i find out the half of my, iwill spent with him.but where is my true love?i always live in the fairy tale. i know i am not the prince and i will married with a guy who is not handsome ,not a millionaire.but i must face it .life is life.and i must think it carefully.i have not meet the guy who fall in love with me.the day is coming, i need patience.

  wish all of u have a happy life

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View all entries from diary of 2008 >