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Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz

Date: Jun 23 2003


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Jason Mraz is a young singer-songwriter from Virginia. His first album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, is quickly gaining popularity because of the catchy hit song “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry).” Mraz has a unique voice and writes interesting song lyrics, so many people compare him to other popular singer-songwriters like Dave Matthews and John Mayer.
Read on to learn more about Jason Mraz!


1. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.

Jason Mraz is the kind of guy that deserves to become a pop star. He’s a young, good looking guy, with a great voice and a knack for writing witty lyrics and catchy tunes. His voice is amazing. He’s able to sing a very wide range, including smooth high notes.
The songs on Waiting for My Rocket to Come vary greatly in style. Mraz mixes many different kinds of music, including rock, country, blues, jazz, hip-hop and reggae. The best song, without a doubt, is “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry).”
Check out some of the lyrics.
The remedy is the experience
It is a dangerous liaison
I say the comedy is that its serious
Which is a strange enough new play on words
I say the tragedy is how youre gonna spend
the rest of your nights with the light on
So shine the light on all of your friends
Well it all amounts to nothing in the end



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I really dig Jason Mraz. It’s always fun to find a new person to listen to, especially when his/her music is so diverse. I’m going to see him live in concert this week. He’s playing at a small theater in Portland. It should be fun!
You can listen to some of Mraz’s songs on his website: www.jasonmraz.com
Rock on,


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