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picked on

picked on

Date: Nov 30 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“In grade school … they … picked on me.”

Chris Rock talking about how he was treated when he was a kid.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

laughed at or were mean to; made fun of; gave a hard time

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

When Chris Rock says kids picked on him, he means that other kids made fun of him. It’s possible they started fights with him too and just generally made his life miserable by being mean to him.

Say your little sister comes home from school and is upset because her friends laughed at her new haircut. You can tell your parents: “Mia is upset because she got picked on today.”

Many children get picked on. They get teased, laughed at, and made fun of. It’s just part of growing up.

When you were younger, did you pick on other kids, or did they pick on you?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I was fat when I was a kid, so all the kids picked on me.”

“The boys picked on Gretchen until she ran home crying.”

“His dad picked on him about everything- the way he looked, the clothes he wore. It was really sad.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

made fun of
by mw1909
umite88 ride on
by umite88
mahboobeh punishing, treat him unfairly
by mahboobeh
by sook young kim
Olchen to treat someone badly, unfairly, critisize... Oh, poor Chris
by Olchen
trey picked on someone is to bother or annoy someone by telling him bad things or by bickering with him
by trey
to treat badly, mocking, start fighting
by Slender
play tricks on somebody.make fun of someone
by sunny-2006
tmmg to criticize, punish or be unkind to the same person frequently and unfairly
by tmmg
Liton To persistently criticize /scold /nag / find fault with.
by Liton
to be treated badly
by oceangirl05
Y.Furu to behave in unfair way to somene
by Y.Furu
It means to tease someone.
by oymankariz
to bully or to tease sb.
by yuc1222
not treat well
by aicha oukacha
persistently treat somebody unfairly: to blame, criticize, or bully somebody repeatedly in a way that is considered unfair or unkind
by ebarals
they ...picked on me means they punished me, they blamed me...
by thuhuong
make jokes
laugh at sb
by sc03209
its means like they bugged him or they mistreated him
by Dalilah
He was bullied.
by Miss Adry
JazzThing Chris rock was teased by other students.
by JazzThing
He was a bad treated at school
by SergioTirado
I think taht to pick up someone means to tease him/her.
by erikapi
arrrzu kidding with someone,
by arrrzu
asli.asli to tease, to be nasty to somebody
by asli.asli
I think that Chris means he was abused when he was in school. Abused by older kids that beated him or took his money or lunch away from him just to bother him.
by meli_rubi
osatoga Other people lauhg at him and make jokes about him.
by osatoga
When somebody calls your name and talks about you all the time with no reason, but just to make a joke about you mantioning your nationality, skin color, or anything about your personality.
by stylist
Always standing by for the smallest reasons to be angry with him.
by Pamlyn Redrick
cdan_2006 it means to bully somebody
by cdan_2006
by anna2
To pick on means to tease someone. e.g.: Stop picking on your sister, Edward. Let her study in peace.
by bestfco
darren2008 make fun of
by darren2008
Marzouq loughing on me
by Marzouq
to tease ,to laugh at .
by bobhe
EmzBe To choose to criticize, To choose to make fun of, Being picked on mean "Being the center of attention of everyone for fun / amusement"
by EmzBe
dazone I guess they took a joke with him.
by dazone
by gianpaolo_p2002
smoglee35 To give somebody trouble,even somebody didn't do anything!
by smoglee35
amado bashing and call him bad name
by amado
snello when you pick on someone you "tease,annoy" him :)
by snello
doods To be bullied by other people
by doods
vivian.he be unfriendly to sb. make funny of
by vivian.he

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good word….

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Russian Federation

I think that get picked on only kids who have a bad education!

01:11 PM Nov 30 2006 |

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