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all that jazz

all that jazz

Date: Jun 19 2003


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“Hawaii is becoming more and more like any other state. They have MTV, VH1, and all that jazz.”
- Jack Johnson, singer-songwriter, talking about his home state of Hawaii. (VH1)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

other similar things, things like that, related things, and the like

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

All that jazz” is a loose way of referring to things that relate to other things. The idiom is very flexible and can be used in relationship to many different topics. For example, if you wanted to tell someone what kind of food you enjoy, you could say something like, “My favorite foods are fruits and vegetables – apples, oranges, bananas and all that jazz.”


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””We went to Disneyland last week. We saw Mickey Mouse and rode the rides and all that jazz. It was really fun.”“

””My dad works a lot. He’s a doctor, so he has to deal with emergencies in the middle of the night and all that jazz.”“

””I’m really sick of all the new action movies that are coming out. I don’t like movies like the Matrix, the Terminator and all that jazz.”“

””Hey, let’s go to the beach this weekend. We can surf and play frisbee and all that jazz. It will be fun!”“


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

All That Jazz means “all other related things or topics”
by Marcelo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
all that jazz” in this case might mean somwthing like “and those kinds of things”, “all that stuff”, “things like that”
by Masha (Kiev, Ukraine)
I guess it means, like et cetra. In this context, all that jazz means everything else that goes along with the popular culture like MTV, VH1 and so on.
by Surya (Hillsboro, USA)
and all that jazz means and everything more.
by Ademir (Curitiba, Brasil)
I think “all that jazz” refers to the similar things, related things. For example, they sell tents, backpacks, camp stoves – all that jazz.
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
It means or something such… It has same meaning etc. (et cetera)
by Eunkyoung (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
it means all that kind of sort of things, in this case things that TV channels.
by vinicius (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
I may mean something like “and things like that”, I guess.
by Bruno (Campina Grande – PB, Brasil)
all that jazz means all that sort of things, or all that musical stuff.
by DeSiDeRaTa (Elfaiha, Kuwait)
I think it means “and so on and so forth”, or “and the like”.
by michael (Beijng, China)
i think that “ALL THAT JAZZ” means: and so on, and other similar things, et cetera…
by Farah (Mishref, Kuwait)
I think it means: all that stuff
by Caroline (Guarapuava, Brasil)
All the jazz means all kinds of things.
by Joyce (Hefei, China)
all that jazz” means “all this kind of musical stuff”
by Jorge (Tabasco, Mexico)
i think it means all kind that related with jazz music
by yeni (Jakarta, Indonesia)
I think “all that jazz” is similar to “all that stuff” in the meaning. What’s more, it’s also kind of idea that something only can be found in big cities like New York, since the jazz is associated with night clubs and stuff. So in the quote, it means the stuff just belonging to big cities has change Hawaii, and now, it is never what it used to be any more.
by Fraser (Beijing, China)
The expression “and all that jazz” means: and a lot more related stuffs.
by Rodrigo (Brazil)
In this context, “all that jazz” means that Hawaii has started to absorb the USA mood, It’s looking more and more like the rest of the USA. It’s the same than say that Its rhythm (of life) is getting closer to the USA, losing its own way.
by Marcio (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
I think it means all about jazz music.
by xu si guang (Chongqing City, China)
all that jazz means full of sound
by Cecilia (Taiwan, ROC)
i guess it means all other things that make hawaii become more and more like the other states in the USA. such as big shopping center, high rise building, etc.
by tim (Wuxi, China)
I guess here it means the state develops very quickly, and it has all the fashionable things
by kelly (Wuhan, China)
all that jazz means that there have almost everything on entertainment field.
by Lillian (Shanghai, China)
I guess ” all of jazz” refer to somehing have contact with western culture or music, such as music, muvies, MTV, and some places of amusement. all play jazz, for instance: My city is becoming modern, young people like follow yankees, no matter sing and dance, even walk all that jazz.
by Mary117 (DongGuan, China)
all that jazz” means all the popular stuff that other state have
by Peco (China)
all kind of music and other kinds of amusent
by jeannett (Jinhua, China)
I think all the jass means all kinds of music or dance.
by Puff (SZ, China)
It may mean people dance crazy to jazz music.
by Wheatfield (Wenzhou, China)

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