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Christmas Caroling

Christmas Caroling

Date: Dec 25 2006


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Merry Christmas! Plenty of people around the world do not celebrate Christmas. The holiday has roots in Christianity and is one of the biggest holidays in the US, generating billions (yes, billions!) of dollars from Christian and non-Christian consumers buying gifts to be opened on December 25th.

Many Christmas traditions are getting lost in the flurry of consumerism. One is caroling. The ritual has evolved over the centuries. Groups of people go to various neighbors’ houses to sing the traditional Christmas carols. Christmas carols are songs of joy, most of which revolve around the story of Christmas.

Listen to Kevin and Amanda talk about caroling.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  I was walking yesterday by Pioneer Square and this group of Christmas carolers walked by.

Amanda:  That is so cool because I often wonder what happened to the whole concept of caroling.

Kevin:  It seems to have gone by the wayside.

Amanda:  Why do you think that is? Maybe safety? You can’t really ring the doorbell of a stranger… have ‘em open it. ‘Cause you never know who’s there, right?

Kevin:  I think so.

Amanda:  Right?

Kevin:  It’s kind of sad. I think it says a lot about our society, about not trusting people, but I haven’t seen… I had not seen carolers probably in five years. It was cute to see. I think they were high school, like, a high school chorus.

Amanda:  Well, I’ve never seen carolers.

Kevin:  Never?

Amanda:  Live. Never. Never.

Kevin:  Really?

Amanda:  Which I think is very sad.

Kevin:  That is very sad. I think it’s fun. Very cute songs. you know, Fa la la la, La la la la, that kind of stuff, you know.

Amanda:  If you were asked to carol as a volunteer, would you be interested in doing something like that? Going door to door?

Kevin:  As long as it wasn’t a solo thing, like, it was with a group, I’d do it. I think it’s fun.

Amanda:  I’d be into that.

Kevin:  And I think it makes people happy. Like, it’s… Like, I notice people kind of smile and get excited when they spot carolers.

Amanda:  I think the only problem would be someone actually opening the door for us once we ring the doorbell. But other than that, I would totally be down to trying that with you this year.

Kevin:  I’m all for it. Let’s do it next year.

Amanda:  Cool.



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Kevin saw a group of carolers in downtown Portland. Pioneer Square is a public square that takes up a city block in the middle of downtown, similar to the plazas of Europe and Central America.

Amanda has never seen carolers. She thinks it is sad that the tradition is getting lost.

The two discuss the possibility that in the modern world, maybe there’s no room for caroling.

They both want to go caroling.

Is singing a part of your country’s major holiday celebrations?



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its reaaly nice!

12:37 PM Nov 21 2008 |



Smile good

12:37 PM Nov 21 2008 |



Caroling in my country is tradition and anybody knows theirs words and could sing if he want. And what is the most important in nearly Christmas,some two weeks before all nation is preparing to this special day in the year!!

12:49 AM Dec 31 2006 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

merry christmas

04:08 PM Dec 25 2006 |




07:40 AM Dec 25 2006 |




To Whom It May concern ..... Best Wishes on Christmas Festival

05:28 AM Dec 25 2006 |



merry xmas

02:21 AM Dec 25 2006 |

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