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I was sold

I was sold

Date: Feb 22 2007


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I was approached and asked if I was interested in the role, and after reading the script, I was sold.”

Meryl Streep talking about how she got the role in The Devil Wears Prada.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

I loved it; I was convinced; I wanted it; I decided to do it; I was in

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Meryl Streep is saying that the script for The Devil Wears Prada convinced her that she wanted to do the role. In other words, she read the script and she was sold.

Say you were considering moving to Portland, Oregon, USA and then you found out a couple of things that helped you finally decide to do it. You could say, “When I realized that Portland was only 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean and only 50 miles from the Cascade Mountains, I was sold.”

Say you are looking for a dog, and you fall in love with one at the local animal shelter. You could say, “I looked at a lot of dogs, but when I saw Daisy’s big brown eyes, I was sold.”

If you are looking at universities, comparing them to decide which one is best for you, certain features of one will sell you on it and that’s the one you will want to go to.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“The first time I heard Jeff Tweedy, I was sold. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.”

“When I saw your father smile, I was sold. I fell in love with him then and there and we’ve been together ever since.”

“When I heard the festival would have free food and alcohol, I was sold. I went there as soon as I got off work and stayed all night.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

云淡风轻 She meant that she liked this role very much after she read the script
by 云淡风轻
Calimero I could only give 'Yes, sure. Count me in!' as an answer.
by Calimero
she was convinced to accept the role
by Lindsay
completely agreed with pleasure
by khaledalmajali
I was highly impressed
by antaraanand
ElBeam She was eager to be involved in this project because she liked it very much.
by ElBeam
The script appealed to Meryl Streep and she accepted the role.
by chantipa
lau_jia Well,i guess she wanna express that she loved this story and she was glad to be one part of the staff. So i think the phrase 'I was sold' means to be in or to agree to take the role.
by lau_jia
I believe that she accepted the invite, in other words, because she thought the role was very beautiful to act.
by campestre
she loved her role and her mind focused on this role eagerly.
by cinnaxamon
the script was great and i couldn`t resist
by -bliss-
I think it means that she was enthused for this role. She love it! or ardent...
by pinkyvioletta
joselox1 interested in doing something
by joselox1
amore4ever it means she was convinced about the role and admired it
by amore4ever
I was completely convinced of saying yes to it.
by fidiasjose
by ejjoo
impressed and persuaded
by akashjss
In my view it means that I like this role and I am agreed to play it.
by kostyuchenko
She agreed quickly.
by waleedmahmoud
to be smitten with something
by shirl
I liked it very much. Indeed so much that I can sell myself for something.
by snoggy
OsKaR I think it means something like.... finally I was convenced to do it.
by OsKaR
to be in loved with
by edita
petiza Persuaded to accept the role or accept something.
by petiza
I couldn't say no. I couldn´t refuse to do, or reject, something.
by wonkapet
completely won over by sth
by missbau
Paty_dj 1) It was attractive offer and I couldn’t say “no” 2) It was interesting and I couldn’t say “no”
by Paty_dj
"I was sold" means to be captured by the role in the movie. She didn't have any second thoughts about playing the role. She wanted to do it.
by luciab
alyona to love something very much, to fall in love with somebody
by alyona
interested in and would like to be apart of
by ZAD
The script took her by the heart, She really was interested in it.
by tugo
rEdKiT I love this role, i care this role.
by rEdKiT
amlan i was sold - i got very interested and gave in.
by amlan
It means that she was completily sure she wanted the role because she was encharmed with it.
by araca
I was convinced
by elystar
I decided to play this role.
by crescent_2008
be totally interested.
by songokudeen
to be sold.........to be keen to do sth to be interested in doing something
by mirkamichel
servidal that means: Iwas very impressed by it.I liked it very much.
by servidal
hareturhan like very much.
by hareturhan
trey I think that I was sold means something like I was completely envolved in something or I really liked something that I couldn't say no.
by trey
She liked it very much, she was very enthusiastic about it
by vlastanemcova
by darine

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once i signed up in this site i was sold Wink

10:58 PM Oct 04 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you can never change her mind, she is sold on his blue eyes


08:55 AM May 12 2010 |

Josh K

Josh K


she accepted the role

03:11 PM May 14 2007 |



That´s good!!!

03:10 AM Mar 09 2007 |




I am sold everyday when learning Ebaby’s lessons

11:03 PM Feb 22 2007 |




“When I came to here, I was sold.” Right?

03:08 PM Feb 22 2007 |




I’m sell to meet so nice people here.

08:42 AM Feb 22 2007 |




my name is missed too
you told me the correct guess…Nida

07:27 AM Feb 22 2007 |



Where is my name in winner list
i guessed correctly

05:26 AM Feb 22 2007 |




It’s cool!

03:28 AM Feb 22 2007 |

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