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The Killers

The Killers

Date: Mar 19 2007

Themes: Music


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The Killers are from Las Vegas, Nevada and released their first album, titled Hot Fuss, in 2004. They became popular very quickly, topping the music charts in the US and the UK alongside the Scissor Sisters.

Now they have a new album out. It’s called Sam’s Town. They just filmed a video in Tokyo, Japan for their single Read My Mind.

Mason is really into the new Killers album. Listen to him and Toby chat about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Um, I got the new Killers album about a month ago and I love it.

Toby:  What do you love about it?

Mason:  It’s, well, it’s a concept album, right?

Toby:  Really?

Mason:  Yeah, uh…

Toby:  What’s the concept?

Mason:  Well, just kinda like, this small town. I mean, it’s called Sam’s Town.

Toby:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right, I know. It’s… I, I actually burned in onto my iTunes.

Mason:  Well, I mean, ‘cause it also starts out almost like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club with, like, this little… no, no, but… Listen, that’s a big comparison.

Toby:  That’s pretty huge!

Mason:  It has this… It has this little melody, it’s just like, “We hope you enjoy your stay,” like, “Welcome to this little town,” and then it ends with this “We hope you enjoyed your stay” so it’s, it’s this whole thing.

Toby:  Do you think they ripped that off from Clap Your Hands?

Mason:  I’m sure they ripped it off from all kinds of people but I love that they did it. Because their first album was just, it was all these wonderful singles, uh, really poppy. And then they chose to do something a little bit more intellectual, a little bit more musically complex.

Toby:  Huh, I’m intrigued. I’ll listen to it. I think they’re good, but they’re just… strike me as a total teeny bopper band. Like, if you’re gonna have a band like that, the Strokes, now they pulled it off. The Killers, I just felt like, ah. You know?

Mason:  And to me, I think… Maybe you haven’t listened to the album enough…

Toby:  Yeah, I gotta listen to it.

Mason:  But, like, the first album is exactly that. And they took that energy and then they shifted it to do something, I think, really, really creative.

Toby:  Well, shoot, they just played here. I guess I shoulda gone.



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Mason loves the new Killers album. He loves the fact that it is a concept album. He thinks it’s very creative.

Toby has the album on her iTunes, but she is not a big Killers fan, so she hasn’t listened to it much.

When Toby says she “burned” the CD onto her iTunes, she misused the term. People usually say “burned” when they are exporting music out of iTunes. For example, if she wanted to give the Killers CD to a friend, she could burn it for them, meaning she could put the music from her iTunes onto a CD.

When Mason says he is making a “big comparison” because the Beatles are a highly respected band and Sgt. Pepper’s is considered a classic that is still an amazing album, even though it was released in 1967. It will take a while to see if Sam’s Town is worthy of such a comparison.

Are you a fan of the Killers?



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yeah, I like the music of the band. are we human or are we dancer? that is the question.

05:36 PM Jul 21 2012 |



i LOVE The Killers ¡¡¡¡¡Laughing

09:41 PM Feb 01 2010 |




...I love this album…
so cool, one of my favourite bands..

12:25 AM Dec 17 2009 |



Viet Nam

“when you were young” is so cool.

06:15 AM Mar 23 2007 |

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