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shed some light

shed some light

Date: Apr 05 2007

Themes: Music


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

”... gangstas are people too. They have families and children, and I’m trying to shed some light on that.”

Akon explaining why he wrote the song Gangsta Bop.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

tell more about

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Akon is trying expose the truth about gangsters. There are a lot of stereotypes about them: that they live in the streets, sell drugs and murder people. Akon is trying to shed some light on the truth about their lives of gangsters. They have lives and families.

We constantly come into contact with things that shed light on certain subjects.

The Diary of Anne Frank sheds some light on what life was like for Jews hiding from the Nazis.

Meeting someone’s parents can really shed some light on why a person acts a certain way.

Traveling in another country can shed some light on different cultures as well as your own.

English, baby! slang lessons can shed some light on expressions that English-speakers use every day.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I’m hoping Margaret can shed some light on what happened here last night.”

“The doctor will be here soon to shed some light on my condition. “

“Can you shed some light on where all of our money went? What did you spend it on?”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

make it clear to understand,to see.
by faithful_lover
make it clear to understand
by faithful_lover
JazzThing to make it more known/obvious to people
by JazzThing
shadya to explain and make somthing more clear
by shadya
To provide new information about something so it is easier to undersyand.
by shivakerman
osatoga to clarify, to show
by osatoga
Shed some light means he's trying to make people understand something, he wants to make it clear
by Lindsay
ksequen Shed some light means to explain something, to make something clear for someone else...
by ksequen
hady clue in someth; to clear it;make it more understandable for common people )
by hady
put clear........
by smileapple
ice1234 to explain or to focus the topic...
by ice1234
Y.Furu to make something easier to understand
by Y.Furu
To make somebody to see or understand; to clear a situation.
by yanetdegalvez
ibrass i think it means "to make clear on something" of which you have talked. e.g : i can clarify my answer means i can shed light on my answer.
by ibrass
give them some help , and like a sun shinely on them.
by longmeiling0829
shed some light - it means to explain sth, to make sth clear, to clarify
by mirkamichel
to reveal, disclose
by bluesky_imperial
He want to uncover the mistery of gangstas,let people know the truth about gangstas.
by helenhorse
to show the way,to inform
by masterpiece
revealing something
by aish_verma
Catherina people should have a good understanding about gangstas, and Akon are trying to explain in more detail who are gangstas
by Catherina
boushra let another know about them
by boushra
to give information about something that doesn't get much attention
by ShiningMoon
explain an issue,thought or something for clearer a understanding
by xtremebeauty
make it clearer
by oceangirl05
to make it more understandable
by missbau
ElBeam It means "to make something clear, to explain something"
by ElBeam
make it known
by wonkapet
to give some information about something.
by sameer jain
krasotina I think that means that he want to draw peaple`s attention to this matter and make it more cleare.
by krasotina
"shed some light" means:to reveal more information or "draw attention" to something so that more is known about it. example:if I could draw your attention to the issue about gangstas in America, I would like to shed some light on the topic so you have a better understanding about them.
by way da lone
Gaperi To illuminate, explain something to avoid misunderstanding
by Gaperi
make it clearer, well understood.
by Bukky
wendy0930 give explaination to something or somebody to let others know it or him.
by wendy0930
To explain, to show why, to make it understandable, to clear thing out.
by seabird2201
tutmo explain, tell much clearly about something, which is not well-known
by tutmo
weedah74 i think "shed some light" is to clarify, to make things more obvious
by weedah74
to interpret some points or spread out some different views
by whshlisa
Blue-Smile To bring more clearness in the darkness about the gangstas. For encourage to consider about that.
by Blue-Smile
amlan enlighten, clear up, clarify.
by amlan
nugroho explain; to help other people to understand
by nugroho

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United Arab Emirates

to empahsize – to uncover -to unfold

08:19 PM Mar 09 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

shed some light on what happened between you 4

10:15 AM May 12 2010 |



l love you all.

06:05 PM Mar 19 2008 |



This slang is very usefull thx ^^

04:16 PM Apr 10 2007 |


United States

Now I know what to use this expression. Thank you!

12:31 AM Apr 09 2007 |



Russian Federation

well but nobody is compulsory to shed some light on anyth.if dorks think u’r wrong so good luck them!i’m wanna stick my way of doing

04:35 PM Apr 05 2007 |



I prefer to explain face to face than via other ways

02:49 PM Apr 05 2007 |




can y shed some light on American policy…..I don’t think so…..

12:38 PM Apr 05 2007 |




To Make some thing clear

12:08 PM Apr 05 2007 |




“shed the light”
that means explaining why they are acting this way..no matter how we can shed the light..usually it’s too late the crime is already done.

11:27 AM Apr 05 2007 |


kado1919Super Member!

United States

shed some light on the truth about someones death in turkey

10:18 AM Apr 05 2007 |



make something clear

07:41 AM Apr 05 2007 |




We can shed light on a distance between wicked deeds and wellness.
are we ready to stop stereotyping everything? let us start to reveal what really behaind the wall!!

06:54 AM Apr 05 2007 |




The government must shed some light on proles

02:58 AM Apr 05 2007 |

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