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"Do" as a Modal Verb

Date: May 24 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: skyscraperman


Modal verbs are important in English. They often do the job that specific verb tenses do in other languages. The can express probability, possibility, certainty and doubt. Sometimes in English, a “dummy” model verb is used to express certainly. Today we are going to learn how to use the verb “do” as a "dummy" model verb in order to make a positive statement stronger. Using “do” as a model verb is easy and makes the speaker sound confident, articulate, meaningful and fluent. Only use “do” as a model verb when you really mean something.

I like green tea. This is very general. 

I do like green tea. This means the same as “I really like green tea.”


I like U2. Again, this is general.

I do like U2. This means "I really like U2."  


I like Frank. This is general.

I do like Frank. This means “I really like Frank.”


I like to swim. 

I do like to swim. This means “I really like to swim."


Got it?  


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i do understood , got it???

11:10 AM Mar 11 2008 |



Yes, I got it!

07:47 PM Dec 29 2007 |



I really don’t understand yet .cud anyone give me some examples for “model do” and y the below examples are crossed?

04:25 AM May 31 2007 |

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