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In the Nick of Time

In the Nick of Time

Date: May 30 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: sterling


To do something in the nick of time means to complete an activity at the very last minute.

Here are some examples:

We almost ran out of food but Gina arrived from the store in the nick of time. (We didn't run out of food because Gina arrived with food.)

The game was tied 0-0, but Wayne Rooney scored a goal in the nick of time. (Wayne Rooney scored a goal when the game was almost over.)

The meeting was going nowhere, but the politicians reached an agreement in the nick of time. (The politicians reached an agreement when the meeting was almost over.)

He finished the test in the nick of time. (He finished the test before the time ran out.)

The doctors stopped the patient's bleeding in the nick of time. (The doctors stopped the bleeding and the patient didn't die.) 


To run out: To have none left.

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