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Date: Aug 21 2007

Themes: Fashion


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

You’d be wise not to underestimate the power of a great pair of jeans. Something about a pair of denim pants that fits just right can make a person look very good. And when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel and look good, good things happen to you.

The problem is that sometimes it’s hard to find the right pair of jeans or they might cost a lot. Listen to Kevin talk to Amanda about how he thinks the right pair of jeans is worth paying for.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  So I was out the other day looking for a shirt, which of course I didn’t find, but I found this amazing pair of jeans. The last thing I need is a new pair of jeans…

Amanda:  Yeah.

Kevin:  ...but they fit so well.

Amanda:  Um, I don’t really think there’s anything worse than trying on jeans other than trying on a swimsuit.

Kevin:  Why’s that?

Amanda:  Do you enjoy…

Kevin:  I love it. I love jeans and I think you get what you pay for.

Amanda:  They’re just jeans. They’re just a jean material. They’re all blue.

Kevin:  Well, for one thing, they’re not all blue, but, I mean, what do you wear more than a pair of jeans? It’s something that’s worth the investment. You’re gonna spend 200 dollars on a pair of pants you wear once a week, or 200 dollars on a pair of jeans that you wear three times a week.

Amanda:  But what about the jeans that are 200 dollars. I think that’s ridiculous. They’re jeans!

Kevin:  See, if you get them at discount stores, you can pay a hundred dollars instead of two hundred.

Amanda:  It’s still a hundred dollars for a pair of pants that are going to have holes in the knees in a couple of days.

Kevin:  I think it’s totally worth it.

Amanda:  Really?

Kevin:  I spend more money on jeans that I do on any other…

Amanda:  So are you a designer jean kind of guy? You actually…

Kevin:  I think it’s worth it.

Amanda:  Would go over and above Old Navy and step it up.

Kevin:  Totally.

Amanda:  Huh. Okay.



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Kevin went out looking for a shirt the other day and didn’t find one. Instead he found a pair of jeans he likes. He says he doesn’t need jeans right now, he has a lot of them already, but he also knows it’s hard to find a pair that fits perfectly.

Amanda says she hates trying on jeans and isn’t even a big fan of them in general. She doesn’t understand Kevin’s fascination with jeans since they’re all made of the same material and they’re all the same color.

Kevin corrects Amanda that all jeans aren’t blue, and explains that it’s worth paying a lot for them because you can wear them so often. He also says there are some stores where you can find normally very expensive jeans for a little less. He admits that he prefers jeans made by fashion designers over jeans that come from large stores like Old Navy.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? How much did it cost? How much would you pay to get it back if you lost it?



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Thanks for sharing a great [url=”http://www.ccolumns.com”]post[/url]. I appreicate your thinking

11:52 PM Jul 20 2013 |


ola3Super Member!


I'm not crazy about jeans, but love to wear them. What I like from this lesson " When you look good, you feel good". Cool

07:19 AM Jun 22 2008 |




03:09 PM Sep 11 2007 |




I like wear the jean. It make you young,or become energy more! It is suit for any age too.

I think the most importance for me, when wash it later, we can wear….that needn't to use electric iron.huh….

08:35 AM Aug 30 2007 |

1 person likes this



United Arab Emirates

i have some kind of jeans u cant wash it be using washing machine u have 2 use steam to clean it  if u know what i mean and some u dont have to iron it and its not expensive D&G Armanib boss

its not expensive in my country i dont know about urs coz there isnt tax in my country

11:04 PM Aug 27 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

i like fastion clothes and i dont care if it get hole in knees coz i buy new jeans every week

10:46 PM Aug 27 2007 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

To be honest, I like to be elegant! I easily pay for high price clothes including jeans. The very last jean I bought was 85$. One week after buying it while I was running after my friend, I tripped over and fell and torn it up! Well, I like to have it back again!

04:55 PM Aug 27 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I wear jeans always.and I'm going to buy a pair of jean right now.

I wear jean at my work place, university and parties.

12:22 PM Aug 27 2007 |



pretty grils kiss

01:43 AM Aug 27 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

my favorite color of pair of jeans are blue .LaughingI will pay any cost if its quality is good. I like all kinds of jeans.

09:18 AM Aug 26 2007 |



I love the blue and the jeans so.It make you cool and handsome as a man ,a cow man.Any body agree with me ,then add me for friend.I look for english language friend a better with girl.Smile

02:57 AM Aug 26 2007 |



Wow man, a pair of Jeans are the best and practible clothes at all. it´s so simple and fade, but if you try it with a nice shirt or a nice shoes you can go to anywhere you´ll be dressed up. It´s so classical and fashion in same time. I´m a huge fan of it. By the way you must know where buy it and when wear it, cuz it has a lot of types and you have to know mix them with an appropriated look.


07:49 PM Aug 25 2007 |




just feel the feel!

Ilike to wear jeans,and i have many~~

08:23 AM Aug 25 2007 |




i like jeans too much,,all the colors fit with the jeans,,that why i like it,,and it changes my mood when i waer it,,it makes me look so greatCool

09:18 PM Aug 24 2007 |



for me i do not

08:25 PM Aug 24 2007 |



I have more than7 pairs of jeans, but only 2 are my favorite. A fit jean is hard to find out. I love those jeans with deep twills.

07:54 PM Aug 24 2007 |



I wear jeans at all times, in my opinion it is very good for everywhere, i can not live without it.

12:29 AM Aug 24 2007 |

Mário Jonas



09:31 PM Aug 23 2007 |


United States

I like jeans. They are very practical and you can wear them a whole week. Sometimes it doesn't matter what season it is, you just wear them.Laughing

04:25 PM Aug 23 2007 |

Blonde girl


what can i reply?

04:51 PM Aug 22 2007 |

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