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Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Date: Aug 27 2007

Themes: Music


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Okay, so Jon Bon Jovi has certainly been the butt of more than a few jokes, but let’s think about this for a minute. The guy has been making successful records since 1984. That’s pretty impressive. He’s also true to himself, playing near-country tunes while maintaining a liberal political stance (most country artists and fans are conservative). His band Bon Jovi just released a new album, Lost Highway, that’s doing very well. So well, in fact, that Mason is feeling a little insecure in comparison. Who’s laughing now?


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Uh, Amanda, do you love me as much as you love Bon Jovi?

Amanda:  Bon Jovi...The group or are you talking about Jon Bon Jovi himself?

Mason:  The man. The icon.

Amanda:  I guess he is the namesake of the band, right?

Mason:  He hasn’t aged in like 15 years.

Amanda:  It’s the hair…and the Botox.

Mason:  Does he get Botox?

Amanda:  Yeah! I think they just released, what, their 10th album? That’s pretty cool. Decades and decades of music.

Mason:  It’s so funny because he’s kind of crossed over in the country genre, too, but he himself is fairly liberal.

Amanda:  Really? Is he competing with Carrie Underwood right now?

Mason:  I don’t know. I don’t really listen to the country thing. But the man who was wearing zebra stretch pants and had 10 scarves wrapped around his neck, like, is a country guy now.



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Half kidding, Mason asks Amanda if she loves him as much as she loves Bon Jovi. She needs to clarify whether he’s talking about Jon Bon Jovi himself, or his band.

Mason replies that he’s asking about Jon specifically, not the band that’s named for him. He adds that Jon doesn’t appear to have aged in the last 15 years. Amanda says maybe the singer’s apparent youth has to do with his wild hair, or the Botox injections he gets to keep his face from wrinkling.

Mason asks if Jon really gets Botox injections and Amanda assures him that he does. She also reminds him that Bon Jovi has been making music for decades and Mason notes that he’s crossed over into country lately, which is particularly funny because he used to dress like an outrageous rocker in the ‘80s.

If you could get Botox injections to make yourself look younger, would you do it? Can you think of another star who (for reasons natural or artificial) just doesn’t appear to get any older?



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Vina Novalina


Bon Jovi is The Legend and of course Jon Bon Jovi is The Legend Rocker, and my favorite songs are “always” and “Thanks You For Loving Me”, ahh i love that song much…
Talk about botox, i think i don’t need it, for me natural beauty is better, but yeahh if someone wanna make a botox, it is okay, cuz i think they think it many times before take a decision to do it…as long as it can make them happy, can improve their self esteem and become more confident in their beauty, why not, it their own decision and their right to get it but hey be carefull cuz botox reduces ability to empathise as well as makes your facial expression hard to “read” hehhe :P

04:57 PM Jul 20 2011 |




If I could get botox I don't know because I not rock star but your age not lie. You is young that what you feel and I will feel still young, maybe?Cool

05:41 PM Dec 26 2008 |




Hi If you’re interested in being friends.drop me a line!

03:23 AM Jul 18 2008 |




bvmbv hj

03:21 AM Jul 18 2008 |



Bon Jovi,i know him just from the song"Ït's my life",which is pretty impressive,i like the tune when listening at first time.But i haven't known the band is a conutry ,i thought it is a heavy rock band.

The botox injection,i think none of us do really need it ,because surely it's not good for our health,but if you're a celebrity such as artist,singer,playcator…maybe you could do that in order to keep a good look for a long time.

08:11 AM Apr 23 2008 |




if is a Mr Bon Jovi plus rock

05:44 PM Apr 05 2008 |


Cote D'Ivoire

Anyway if i can listen a sample then I can  judge

05:22 PM Sep 02 2007 |


Cote D'Ivoire


is it possible to get a sample you make me feel ravish of him


05:19 PM Sep 02 2007 |



your saund is sweet!

08:13 AM Sep 02 2007 |




Lots of actors/actresses, even the aged politicians get Botom injections to make them look younger. I am not so old enough, so I do not now if I would use that stuff when I am aged. Ha ha. But I guess the answer is NO, due to the side effect, plus aging is natural, for everyone.

10:16 AM Sep 01 2007 |



Now ,I tink that i will never use botox…but in future who knows…?First of all,we should answer the questions why people a specialy public people do thing like this….?Maybe…they want or maybe we want that they never change…and stay forever young…

08:19 PM Aug 30 2007 |



Russian Federation

I think everybody's got right to get botox injections, if it makes him feel insecure in himself, to look better. But now there are so many people who overdo with botox and they become look worse than before without botox. And about Bon Jovi : they, their music, songs are cool. Jon, you are still handsome, but i'm sorry, little less than 17 years ago.

02:37 PM Aug 30 2007 |



In Turkey.Ajda Pekkan resembles a young lady in spite of her age.In fact she is old.I think,every age has its own beauties.botox and other things are unnecessary….........


10:33 AM Aug 30 2007 |

Steven Jag

Steven Jag


Frankly speaking, i don't want to get Botox injections to keep myself younger. I will get older and older as time goes on

Keeping myself in good mood and smiling when there's something happpy every day, i will be young.

01:44 AM Aug 30 2007 |




i love BON JOVI

01:36 AM Aug 29 2007 |


Syrian Arab Republic

ilike this singer he has amazing voise

12:09 AM Aug 29 2007 |



my english is bad and firs i wanna apologise about my gramar and then i wanna say that we shouldn't judge them about their look or anything else but just about their music….and their musik is the best, the lyrics r such as  poetries….they're the only one!!!  they're awsome!!!

01:37 PM Aug 28 2007 |




     idon't like Bon jovi. and idon't like his music, couse it's not my favourit music ,and i dont know why aman use abotox to look younger.

12:45 PM Aug 28 2007 |


Viet Nam

In my country, many people are upset with their wrinkled. They always try finding the best way to ditulte it. But i think we should be satisfied with everything we have, we will be happier

10:24 AM Aug 28 2007 |




living a happy and healthy life with a beautiful soul and mind is the most important.Maybe that is what Bon Jovi give us and trying their best to sing the good songs for the listeners.Medication may make them more young and  popular then can bring more energy to us.Everyone has their own life style just do them if you like but except bad things that can give bad effect…

11:52 PM Aug 27 2007 |

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