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Sentence Transformation

Date: Aug 21 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: kyramoon


  Transform the next sentences in a way that they have the same meaning.


 You’d better leave now.

If I were you, ______________________.

  We got married ten years ago.

We have __________________________.

  He washed my clothes very well.

My clothes _________________________.

  I should have learnt to drive when I was younger.

I wish_____________________________.

  Tell those people not to smoke.

Don’t _____________________________.

  There is nowhere else to sleep.

There isn’t _________________________.

  I buy more postcards than you.

You ______________________________.

  I spoke to a very kind receptionist yesterday.

The receptionist ______________________.

  You have  a better car than me.

I __________________________________.

  I visited wonderful museum last month.

The museum _______________________.

  I wish you didn’t speak so fast.

If I were you, ________________________.

  If you drink much, you’ll be drunk.

If you drank less, _______________________.

  I wish you didn’t have so much money.

If you ______________________________.

  I have a very good connection with the tourist guide.

My connection ______________________.

  You are capable of learning more.

You are clever enough _________________.

  I don’t think he has ever tseen the pyramids.

I think ______________________________.

  They asked us to show our passports.

We were_____________________________.

  His sister is much more beautiful than him.

He is not ____________________________.



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1.If I were you, I would have left already.

2.We have been tied to each other for 10 years.

3.My clothes were very well washed.

4.I wish I had learnt to drive since I was younger.

5. Don't let anyone smoke, please.

6.There isn't anywhere to sleep. 

05:09 AM Dec 23 2007 |




no, in my opinion it is a good activitiy to use in the class as a quiz.

10:50 PM Sep 07 2007 |




if i were you, i would leave now

07:26 PM Aug 21 2007 |

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