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extra mile

extra mile

Date: Nov 10 2004


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I always have to go that extra mile, and I do it and I don’t mind doing it, but it isn’t fair.”
- Patti LaBelle, in an interview where she compares herself to other performers


1. Definition - Study the definition.

put in more effort than one would normally need to in order to be successful

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Life is very competitive. That’s why when we do things, we should add a little extra effort to make sure that we do well.
When we go the extra mile in school, we try harder to learn or to impress our teachers. At work, we might go the extra mile by taking on some more responsibilities.
People like it when you go that extra mile because it shows that you care about your future and your work.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””My boyfriend went the extra mile and brought me flowers and chocolate for our date. Wasn’t that sweet of him?”“

””Hey, thanks for going the extra mile and staying late last night! You really didn’t have to.”“

””They really go the extra mile at that store to make you feel comfortable. They offered us coffee and tea.”“


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Extra mile” here I guess means extra effort or to try harder. For example, maybe an athlete who won a race will say he went that extra mile in his training or in his performance. It means he tried extra hard.
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
If you always have to go that extra mile, you are willing to make special effort to achieve something.
by Matilda (Taipei, ROC)
go the extra mile means do more work or make more efforts than anyone else does
by lisa (dalian , china)
I think it means to do more things or do the same things with more effort to obtain the same resault as other people or performances
by Rory (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
it means if you want to achieve something,you have to do the extra and unfair work,especially for people who are descriminated..
by cissy (singapore, singapore)
I think it means that she has to do more than other people or performances to obtain the same result
by Romy (BsAs, Argentina)
“going extra mile” must mean keeping working without stops or without having time for yourself, and doing it faster than usual
by Sandra (Lima, Peru)
meanig always be happy, and smile
by mogaji umar (lagos, nigerian)
the work that may be hard and everyone dont want to do it
by siriporn (bangkok, thailand)
extra mile” means the additional work or stress that a person does, inorder to excel in the field,they
are involved in.
by Ayesha (chennai, INDIA)
I think it is means some idle things but we must do!!
by jinting (hefei, China)
To go the extra mile: willingness to make a special effort for others
by Jozef (Denderleeuw, Belgium)
it maybe means she always smile to others, especially the midia and public, even at the hard time. but she didn’t get the reward to her effort.
by jason (beijing, PRC)
Extra effort or work
by paola (pasto, colombia)
I think “extra mile“means something are not your duty,but you finish it.
by Michelle (wide goose city, China)
meaning extra work
by Xu (Hangzhou, China)
I guess “extra mile” in the context should be leaned more in negative way and used to express that you may suffer extra workings/jobs that you are not interested in.
by Khang (HCMC, Vietnam)
maybe more works,make greater efforts
by lichen (shanghai, china)
i think it is means : if you want to get the same thing , you have to do more and harder than others, that is the extra mile.
by zhou (changsha, China )
Pay extra effort, do more work to arrive at the same place comparing to other people.
by hui (WUXI , China)
It means working more than you’re suppose to.
by Alexandra (Caracas, Venezuela)
Means, doing extra work when it is not necessary.
by Taras (Montreal, Canada)
Some extra work and extra effort that somebody actually don’t need to do but he did it, because he was forced to do it.
by xuan (leeuwarden, holland)

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extra mile means “be willing to make more effort and doing more like u needing”

02:12 PM Mar 19 2009 |

Alice Max from KZ


i think it means ‘to trying harder than u do”!

01:45 PM Apr 03 2008 |



yes extra mile makes people success in theier whole life. keep it up

06:40 AM Feb 16 2008 |




go to extra mile means that do more work or make more efforts than anyone else.For example .we might go the extra mile by taking on some more responsibilities

05:13 AM Dec 03 2007 |



It means putting specialeffort into something you do.

12:13 PM Apr 11 2007 |

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