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Date: Sep 06 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: xiatian1900


When pigs fly

猪可不能飞起来!这是不可能的事,因此正是成语本身想表达的意思。例如,当你听到有人说,"Do you think Mary will quit her job now that she's pregnant?"另一个人就回答,"Yeah, when pigs fly! There is no way she is giving up her career!"当他或她在使用表达方式 when pigs fly时,意思是Mary绝对不可能辞职。

Get in someone's hair

如果你get in someone's hair,你并没有爬到别人的头上!其实,意思是你烦扰到了他们-可能是你侵入了他们的私人空间。例如"Susan was trying to prepare dinner, but her children were getting in her hair!" 意思是Susan的孩子们在她做饭的时候烦她。如果有人烦扰到了你,你就可以说,"Get out of my hair!"

Hit the ceiling

天花板可离我们的头远着呢,那么要撞上天花板也不是件容易的事-除非你非常生气!如果有人hits the ceiling意思是他们正表现出非常生气的样子。例如,"When Carol's son got an F on his report card, she hit the ceiling!"意思是Carol对她儿子考试不及格非常的愤怒。


Knock someone's socks off

现在,要pull掉别人的袜子还有些可能-但是要knock掉别人的袜子要该怎么做呢?当然是通过让他们惊奇兴奋并印象深刻喽!例如,"You should see Tom's new car! It'll knock your socks off, it's so amazing!"意思是Tom的车令人称奇!



Bite the bullet

如果要试着咬一颗子弹味道会是怎样呢?不太好吧。那么为什么会有人bite the bullet呢?只有在勇敢的忍受或面对困难的处境时他们才会这么做。例如"She had to bite the bullet and give in to her boss's unreasonable demands."意思是她在老板提出苛刻要求时表现的勇敢坚强。


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United States

All of these are excellent, except that "getting in someone's hair" is not commonly used in the US. We will typically say something about the person being "a pain in the ass, or more politely, "a pain in the neck"

06:50 PM Sep 12 2007 |

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