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Lack/ Lack of

Date: Sep 12 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: explorer143


'Lack' is both a verb and a noun. For example, using 'lack' as a verb you can say 'Someone lacks something.', and as a noun 'There is a lack of something.'


WordPart of SpeechExample Sentences


verb -
I/you/we/they lack
he/she/it lacks
singular noun + lacks
uncountable noun + lacks
  • They lack the necessary family support or any other channels where they can seek assistance.
  • Deprived and disadvantaged families lack both knowledge and self-confidence.
  • A child without parents usually lacks a sense of security.
  • The government overall lacks dynamism.
  • It was so interesting to see how Western thinking lacks creativity and is not geared to changes.
  • Financial backing for the programme is still lacking.
lacking inadjective
  • It was a solidly built vessel but lacking in navigating instruments. (A vessel is a boat or ship.)
    (Grammatical structure: 'lacking in' + noun phrase.)
lacking'_ing' form (present participle)
  • Lacking any filial piety, Prince Richard rebelled against his father. ('filial piety' means 'respect for parents')
    Sentence structure: 'Lacking + noun phrase + comma + clause
lacking'_ing' form
(reduced relative clause: the relative pronoun e.g. 'who' and the verb are missing)
  • Students lacking a dictionary can use an online dictionary.
    (Meaning: Students who are lacking a dictionary can use an online one.)
lackedverb - perfect and past tenses
  • His leadership has lacked imagination and aggression.
  • He said that Hongkong lacked "a long-term authority that  monitors tree-planting efforts".
lack ofnoun
  • Social workers blame the Government for the severe lack of residential places.
  • There's been a lack of awareness about what young people like.
  • Most landslips are caused not by design deficiencies on slopes, but by a lack of supervision and control.



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