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How To Learn English

Date: Sep 25 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: foudel


Tips and ideas on the best ways to learn English faster.

Tips for Beginners

  1. You are like a new baby
    Babies learn their language slowly.
    First they learn to listen.
    Then they learn to talk.
    Finally, they can read and write.
  2. Listen to English every day
    Listen to English radio.
    Watch English TV.
    Go to English movies.
    Use online lessons.
  3. Make an English/ESL friend
    Make up conversations.
    Practise dialogues.
    Use beginner textbooks.
  4. Read English stories
    Start with children's storybooks.
    Try ESL readers.
    Read advertisements, signs and labels.
    Try EnglishClub.com for Young Learners.
  5. Write down new words
    Start a vocabulary (new word) notebook.
    Write words in alphabetical order (A...B...C...).
    Make example sentences.
    Always use an English-English dictionary first.
  6. Keep an English diary
    Start with one sentence.
    How do you feel?
    How is the weather?
    What did you do today?
    Write another sentence tomorrow.
  7. Visit an English speaking country
    Learn English more quickly.
    Stay with an English family.
    Hear native speakers talk.
    Have a fun experience.


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I recommend you to check www.vocabularybuilding.org. Its a great site, contains lots of words, learning videos and tips as well .An effective way to improve your vocabulary quickly.

07:04 PM Jun 15 2009 |



Hi I need an English speaking friend

12:00 PM Oct 01 2007 |



learn english words with pictures but only for Turkish people because pictures are turkish-english :(


06:30 PM Sep 26 2007 |




I hope they enjoy it

02:50 PM Sep 25 2007 |




hi i hope that is intersting

02:49 PM Sep 25 2007 |

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